Do not slacken the paper. If dew is formed, printing is not possible. The encoding is such that: Holes for 9 x 13 size paper Paper width: Please note that although care has been taken in the degree of relevancy, pictures are for display purposes only, and product appearance may differ from what you see. Align the arrows marked on the sides of ink cassette with those on the unit. Push down the ink cassette as shown by the arrow 1 and pull it out.

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Make sure that the flanges are attached to the print paper securely, and release the latches.

Make sure to pull the cardboard straight up. When unplugging, hold by the plug only and remove carefully. With the CP -D 2 E dye sublimation printer y o u can print [ Dirt on the roller may degrade the print quality.

These limits fp9600dw designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. When taking the print paper out, pull it up toward you.

In such a case, unplug the power cord from prlnter source outlet immediately, and request maintenance service from the sales dealer. Die Kombination von kontaktbasiertem und.


The power cord must be disconnected after printing is over. NOTE Take care not to pinch your fingers. Then raise it until you hear a click to secure it in the ink cassette holder. Then close the door again.

Mitsubishi CP-9600DW Dye Sub Printer

In such a case, it is necessary to replace the thermal head. When replacing them, throw away the paper chips in the paper strip bin.

If the prints are not removed frequently, a paper jam may cause. NOTE Do not damage the thermal head. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Up to four high-performance Mitsub is h i dye sublimation printers d e li ver the same fast, low-maintenance and efficient service as the Kiosk user interface. Updating shopping cart, please wait Leave installing the print paper, the indicated number of prints may not be printed.

Mitsubishi CK9069 CP9600DW 9×6 Media Kit

For the necessity of the spacers, see the Quick Setup Guide. Handle it with care.

NOTE It is recommended to remove the prints stacked on the paper catcher frequently. NOTE Keep the roller clean. NOTE This printer is about 17 kg in weight. This may cause injury or damge. NOTE Note that the thermal head is quite sensitive to static electricity.


Insert the cord firmly. Categories Brands View mobile version. When the poor print quality is not corrected even if primter head has been cleaned, replacement of the thermal head may be required.

Mitsubishi CPDW Dye Sub Printer – System Insight – Instant Photography Solutions

Are you turning off the power during printing procedure? Mitsubisgi, for some reason, water seeps to the inside of the unit, unplug the power cord from the source outlet, and contact the sales dealer.

In external stock 8. Installation of the print paper and the ink ribbon is completed. After the ongoing printing at the time this button is pressed is completed, the printing process is canceled.