I can’t say that I have had my system crash trying to install a driver Thanks for the offer though! In our latest buying guide we’ve selected some cameras that while they’re a bit older, still offer a lot of bang for the buck. Find out what’s new and notable about the Z6 in our First Impressions Review. All was fine except that I needed to manually install the created. I plan to start looking at options for a new calibration tool when I can find some time.

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Thanks for any help you can provide. You must own a copy of MonacoEZcolor v2.

I have gotten frustrated with trying it 30 different ways with no success and about ready to give up. You may have better luck.

Install the x64 drivers per the pdf file, it will take if you install as an administrator. I don’t know if you have run across the thread I started a few weeks ago http: I have not changed them from whatever was set up on default.

So then found the directions on the xrite website to update the driver for the colorimeter for the vista 64 bit versionsand when I tried that I got the blue screen of death. Once the download completes, double-click on EZColor Calibrated Brightness in my monitor is set to a very low value and is probably still a bit high. The next window asks opyix to confirm your choice. Thanks Jimmy – all is working now. nonaco


Forum Parent First Previous Next. Hi Dave, I had exactly the same problem when I built my new Windows 7 desk top computer earlier this year.

Windows 7 64 bit and the Monaco Optic XR Pro

I started using the Monaco system under Windows I did a Google search, but nothing positive to report — Bob Peters http: Every time you click a link on this page mknaco then buy something, it helps to keep the bills paid and the information flowing here at PhotoCitizen.

The first time I tried the install, I got the blue screen of death – this was with the colorimeter plugged into the Dell laptop running Win 7 64 bit Home Premium. If yes then at the next stage when it says adjust your brightness, how will I bring back the backlight in relation to the usual brightness? I am not sure what my user account settings are at.

It just ruins every aspect of the picture after the caliberation is done. This works fine on XP, but I recently got a laptop with Windows 7 x64 on it. This link describes a workaround to get the DTP94 recognized. I am fairly computer savvy, but do not know how to read the dmp files that get created, so it is hard for me to know what specifically is causing the conflicts.

The xrite website says that their software will not work with 64 bit versions of vista or Windows 7, so I am surprised you got it to work okay.


Digital Photography Zen Privacy Top. It seems like from a brightness standpoint the spyder3 is better and matches my prints more closely, but it is really hard to know windwos sure.


That would be useful to know in case I ever manage to get this to work. Click that and wait a minute or so while Windows lists all the programs loaded on your computer. Just the nature of the LCD beast.

Maybe I am doomed to have to go out and xxr more money. Click its Uninstall button and, once the uninstall is done, click Finish.

It just ruins every aspect of the picture after the caliberation is done. I also did it where I kept the files in a different folder and went into the properties of the device and updated the driver o;tix manually selecting the folder.

I’m going to gift it to my brother. Thanks for any help that wincows can provide!

Download the self-extracting ZIP file to your desktop.