You’re such a crack up. All of those mouses that’re designed for fictional hands really bother me. You can get the new scroll-wheel-acceleration feature and so on for free by downloading IntelliPoint 4 from Microsoft here. You’re good with just using Win98’s default, you say. Though I do have a left-handed friend who uses his right hand for mice.

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Sure, it sounds like he’s sitting there across my desk talking to his mother on the phone, but just in slim chance that he’s plotting against me I can always give him a little maintenance optial. Logitech’s page for the MouseMan Dual Optical.

It’s not uncomfortable, it’s not awkward, but the button position and size is different. I’m used to the Explorer, so I’m not nuts about the MouseMan’s shape. There’s nothing very special about the guts of the Wheel Mouse Optical, but getting at them is trickier than usual. If you have to use your mouse on non-optimal surfaces – the top of a somewhat shiny equipment case, your leg, carpet – then the dual sensor MouseMan seems to stand the best chance of keeping your pointer on track.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical

optkcal Friday is bagel day here at the office. Provided you don’t care about the whole working thing. Supposedly, the two sensors work independently to provide greater precision over a regular optical mouse. The same rubbery texturing is also used in patches on either side of the mouse.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical – mouse – PS/2, USB – metallic gray Overview – CNET

Low and behold my UT performance was inexplicably erratic. Wheel Mouse Optical This is Microsoft’s current entry level optical wheelie-mouse, but it’s still not a bargain-basement product.


And while I certainly can’t guarantee it’ll remain functional when you swing it around by its cord proclaiming yourself king of the Ewoks, you should be happy to know that it survived a substantial crack against the wall when I so unceremoniously lost to my brother in a little Aliens vs. I meant any reasonable surface desks, chairs, imported mail-order Russian wife’s back The Mouseman Dual Optical does not offer the force feedback functionality of its gyrating brethren, but what it lacks in useless and at times frustrating technological advances it makes up for in sheer performance.

The Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical expands upon this fundamental by implementing two optical sensors and ,ouseman emitters, as well as a built in microprocessor that manages them.

When you flip it over, though Fellow PC editor Dan “My raging alcoholism is only outshone by my unsettling use of profanity” Adams came by and swiped it. On the down side, the Wheel Mouse Optical’s sensor can’t dul up if you flick the mouse really quickly; it just hops a bit and the pointer stays more or less where it was.

As a last resort I uninstalled MouseWare and allowed the mouse to run on Windows native drivers. The new Explorer’s smaller side buttons are harder to press by accident, and the other buttons and wheel feel nice, as well.

And because it’s symmetrical, left-handed users are welcome. If you want to stock an office with mouses, you could do a lot worse than shell out for a crate of these. Aside from the “Version 3. On any proper mousing surface that isn’t shiny or see-through, though, there’s no difference between the basic tracking abilities of any of these mouses, and the Explorer 3.


But while the additional sensor does create a noticeable upping of smoothness, if you already have a reasonably decent optical mouse, such as Logitech’s own previous in the line, then an upgrade is not an absolute must but rather a guilty pleasure. Oh, my poor, misguided little child The mouse has screws under its back two feet, but it’s also got clips under its front two feet.

The computing world seems to be settling pretty solidly towards making “mice” the plural of “mouse”, whether you’re talking about rodents or input devices. They always get dirty, drag, stick and are generally unresponsive to direction.

If you’re the type that’s itching to implant more LEDs or dye the thing purple or install a cooling fan or something, this may matter to you. So, if you’re in the business of making optical mouses and you’d like to actually sell them, rather than give ’em away for free, there are two ways you can go.

That is, it does what it was intended to do, and does it brilliantly. Hackish English usage prefers irregular plurals because they’re entertaining, so “mice” is often used by IT gurus. If you prefer a quiet mouse, you’ll like the MouseMan Dual Optical; its microswitches are much quieter than the Microsoft ones.

What you might find more annoying about the MouseMan Dual Optical is that it weighs noticeably duzl than the Microsoft opposition. Well, most of ’em did.