I am thinking I will have to replace it, but I just want to be sure I replace the correct piece. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The sound is on-board and is enabled in the BIOS, no issues are showing in the Device Manager, and when I click on the sound icon Windows 7, 64 bit , I’m being shown that sound is being detected the little levels are going up and down when I play a video. Virus Problem, Please Help. I wouldn’t get an Asrock that’s below the Extreme6. Usb headset worked the same day before i replaced my motherboard, cpu, and ram. Then join the club!

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I’ve got my speakers plugged into the light green outlet on the back panel. The sound is 87-g45 and is enabled in the BIOS, no issues are showing.

I’ve seen it happen more times than one would think.

No sound with MSI G45 – Tech Support Forum

I am thinking I will have to replace it, but I just want to be sure I replace the correct piece. Other than that, it sounds like it might be some kind of driver issue I still hear nothing.


Whats your budget for a new mobo? Computer powers off in sleep mode Additonally it still does work but only in games after manually setting the sound to the headset. Copyright – msii, Tech Support Forum. I have had my eye on a gigabyte fx ud3, but I don’t know if I will need to reinstall windows. Every time I boot again, it acts like the cmos battery is dead because all of my bios settings get restored to defult, and the clock in windows gets reset to march of ; I’m assuming that was the date the motheboard 870-g455 manufactured.

When I hit the Properties label, on the General tab is information about the jacks. I see no option for changing the sound in the software and when i go to control panel and sound to manually change it to the C-Media Usb headset it instantly changes back to Via HD audio output when i click apply.

MSI 870-G45 – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM3 – AMD 770

BB code is on. Virus Problem, Please Help.

Then more than likely it could be a corrupt bios chip. Jsi forgot, I already tried that a while ago. I suppose those are for surround speakers. Password Please enter a password for your user account. I second the Asus Board.


When i use my plantronics usb headset i can use it within games after adjusting settings but i cannot get it to work in windows. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Options Quote message in reply?

Every time I reboot my computer I soound to turn off my psw, unplug my graphics card for about 20 seconds and then plug in my gpu again and boot. AsRock has some good boards to.

Msi makes great intel boards, but theire amd boards are crap. Tablets Laptops and Netbooks Phones.

Then join the club! Do you mean capacitors, and how do I check for that. I know it’s not the psu because I tried a different one. Current Temperatures Take II. We Are Gr33n Machine.

Might be a newb question, but did you double check your Vent settings to be sure you didn’t have anything muted? As far as the rear panel all the sound, inputs and outputs seem fine.