Describe the relationship between portia and nerissa

The Merchant Of Venice: Relation between Portia and Nerissa

describe the relationship between portia and nerissa

Portia and Nerissa remember the young Venetian Bassanio favorably. Finally she gives him a ring, qualifying her gift with a promise that if he loses it or gives to be dressed as men, but Portia says she'll explain everything in the coach. Then, of course there is the romantic love that we see in the relationships between Bassanio and Portia, Nerissa and Gratiano, and Jessica and Lorenzo. Our first impressions of Portia, as she describes her suitors to Nerissa, show that going as far to say she will sleep with the lawyer Balthazar (which of course.

Is she joking, or is this another way of showing her love for Bassanio?

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She is delighted when he chooses the right casket and appears worried that she will not come up to Bassanio's expectations: She literally gives herself to him: Why does she now not seem as independent as she was before?

She gives him a ring as a token of her love. Do you think that she is already planning to test him? She immediately offers to pay Antonio's debt twice over, just because he is a friend of Bassanio's. She disguises herself as Balthazar, a lawyer, and arranges to go to Venice to help Antonio.

describe the relationship between portia and nerissa

This shows courage and ingenuity and her arguments are very intelligent. She allows Shylock to believe he will have his pound of flesh and Antonio to know that he will die right until the last moment, when she outwits him.

describe the relationship between portia and nerissa

She must have known about the loophole all along. Or does Shylock get what he deserves? She goes on to show no mercy to Shylock when she tells him that he must not draw blood.

She is similarly ruthless to Bassanio, making him give her - still dressed as Balthazar - her ring as a thank you gift for saving Antonio. The fact that she can plan this trick immediately after Shylock's humiliation suggests she has a clear conscience over what has happened.

As she returns to Belmont, she is accompanied by a "holy hermit" and spends a lot of time praying. Neither of the woman seemed to be inferiors than the guys in this story. They were actually both very smart. Portia for knowing that Brutus' health was at stake when he left the house, and Calpurnia as well whenever Caesar left for the Capitol. Both were very good looking and elegant. Sadly they both were housewife's. What is difference between an is-a relationship and a has-a relationship?

In database design, object-oriented programming, and knowledge representation, we often describe the relationship between two things as either "is-a" or "has-a" but not both ….

For example, An avocado "is-a" fruit.

describe the relationship between portia and nerissa

An avocado is a specific kind of fruit. A fruit is a generalization of things like an avocado. An avocado has all the things and characteristics that all fruit have -- an outer skin, an edible flesh, grows on plants, etc. An avocado "has-a" seed. An avocado contains a seed.

The seed is one of several parts of an avocado. Many people find this "is-a" term more understandable than the terms "meronym" and "hyponym". When writing computer programs, confusing these two kinds of relationships is a common source of bugs.

The "is-a" relationship is often represented in a program using "class inheritance", subclasses and superclasses.