Metadata information for the relationship could not be retrieved

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metadata information for the relationship could not be retrieved

Inner exception message: Metadata information for the relationship 'MyModel. FK_T_WORKER_VEHICLE_T_VEHICLE' could not be retrieved. If mapping. Metadata is often called data about data or information about information. There is currently no online communication method which does not leave metadata how to protect oneself and one's work in relation to the metadata we generate. to make sense of the extracted metadata and extract meaningful information. Inner exception message: Metadata information for the relationship 'MyModel. FK_T_TRN_WORKER_VEHICLE_T_DRIVER' could not be.

There are two types of navigation properties: Single-valued navigation properties These properties correspond to Lookup attributes that support many-to-one relationships and allow setting a reference to another entity.

Each single-valued navigation property also has a ReferentialConstraint element with Property attribute value that represents the computed read-only lookup property that can be used to retrieve corresponding GUID value of the related entity. Lookup properties Collection-valued navigation properties These properties correspond to one-to-many or many-to-many relationships.

The way you associate entities is the same regardless of the type of relationship. Although many-to-many relationships still use intersect entities behind the scenes, only a few special system intersect entities are included within the Web API EntityType Reference. For example, campaignactivityitem EntityType is technically an intersect entity, but it is included because it has more properties than an ordinary intersect entity.

An ordinary intersect entity has only the four basic properties required to maintain the many-to-many relationship.

Web API types and operations

When you create a custom many-to-many relationship between entities, an ordinary intersect entity will be created to support the relationship. Because you should use navigation properties to perform operations involving many-to-many relationships, ordinary intersect entities are not documented but are still available using the Web API. These intersect entity types are accessible using an entity set name that uses the following naming convention: You should only use these ordinary intersect entities in situations where you wish to apply change tracking.

Actions Actions are operations that allow side effects, such as data modification, and cannot be further composed in order to avoid non-deterministic behavior. It wasn't only Schock's Instagram that was revealing. The account of a former Schock intern showing an image from a Katy Perry concert with the tag-line "You can't say no when your boss invites you. The AP published their findings in February 24, and on March 17, he announced his resignation from Congress.

Image of Aaron Schock from his, now closed, Instagram account In most cases, it is necessary to employ a variety of software, tools and resources to make sense of the extracted metadata and extract meaningful information.

A good example of these creative investigation techniques using metadata is the case of Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesperson. The watch was visible on his wrist in a photo posted from his wedding.

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There, a photo posted by his daughter months before the wedding showed Peskov wearing the same watch. Peskov was hit with another scandal when rumours emerged about his spending during his honeymoon, which he spent with friends and family aboard the Maltese Falcon, one of the 25 most expensive yachts in the world.

Bellingcat reports that anti-corruption activist Aleksey Navalny, who broke the news about the watch with the help of other activists and supporters, took up the investigation regarding the yacht. By using the yacht's website, yacht-spotting websites and Instagram photos from Peskov's daughter and one of Peskov's friends, they were able to provide reasonable doubt of Peskov's denial of personally renting the Maltese Falcon.

Navalny's team matched a small portion of a door that appeared in a photo Peskov's daughter posted of herself on Instagram, to a video of the Maltese Falcon showing the same door with two distinctive marks. A lot of attention is focused on the metadata that can be extracted from images or from communications.

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However, text files can be equally useful for an investigation, or pose an equal threat as images. Inthe former prime minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri, was killed along with 21 others.

The metadata attached to the editing changes were shown along with the exact times they were made. This not only jeopardised the deleted mentioned individual, and various governments and international bodies involved in a gravely destabilised region; but the United Nations and the Mehlis team too.

The incident was considered extremely serious and lead to the UN issuing a response to the concerns regarding the deletion.

metadata information for the relationship could not be retrieved

Tools There are many tools available that can be used to reveal the metadata in files and images, though as can be seen in the case studies, in most cases a wider investigation is required to make sense of the metadata. Protect Metadata is a double-edged sword: The geolocation data available in images can be used to track anyone and anything, including endangered species.

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In a South African reserve, visitors were advised not to disclose the whereabouts of the animals spotted and to switch off the geotag function on their phones and social media platforms as poachers and hunters were using this information posted online to locate animals. Vice journalists gained exclusive access to McAfee and accompanied him on his escape from an investigation in Belize regarding the murder of one of his neighbours.

Vice not only posted the image, but bragged about their scoop by reporting on the time they spent with McAfee. Though the image was most probably sent from the person who took it in Belize to Vice offices to be later uploaded on their website, it still retained the metadata of where McAfee was. One might assume that persons operating in high-risk areas and industries and taking part in high-risk activities would be more careful about revealing their whereabouts, but this was not the case for Michelle Obama or US soldiers in Iraq.

In both cases, this could and did pose a serious security threat not foreseen by those posting the images. It has been used to target women activists online, women game developers, human rights activists and journalists, among others. Managing metadata correctly is crucial for an individual with a high profile, especially on social media, and those who engage in political activities or lead their lives in ways that counter the mainstream or the status quo.

A project by OpenDataCity also highlights how metadata can be used to put people in danger, often unwittingly. In the end, he didn't just give me his telephone data, he gave me everything else that is collected by the data retention in Switzerland. Additionally, Balthasar had a few problems, because he's also in the Defence Committee of the National Council. In his metadata was the location of a secret hideout that he visited.

It was too late to remove it. Some websites, like Facebook for example, strip out the metadata to minimise the size of the files metadata occupies file spaceand to protect the privacy of the users. This was a point of contention for people retaining intellectual property of their work. Many photographers, for example, needed to keep the metadata in their photos, especially in this age of mass sharing online without crediting.

Here, the metadata provides a guarantee that the artist is assigned the credit they are entitled to for their work.

Flickr, on the other hand, retains and shares the metadata, and though users can deactivate this feature, many are not aware it exists. Tools Various tools can be used to remove the metadata from files and images, and there is always the option of tweaking the settings of the device or platform used to stop the registry of certain metadata.

But to minimise the risks, it is recommended that one always double check what metadata is being shared using the tools recommended in the Expose sectionand then strip away any data left there and not intended for sharing. Verify Metadata can also be used to verify information and evidence by 'proving' that a certain event took place at the time and place it was said to have taken place.

In recent years, and with the viral spread of social media videos and images, verification has proven key to political participation, not just as a tool to prove something has happened at that time and place, but also to refute the spread of false videos and images that can discredit movements for social justice.

We explored this in more detail in our interview with Harlo Holmes, the former technical lead on CameraVand with a tool review of CameraV, a mobile App that enables users to verify photographs and videos in order for them to be able to be used as part of additional evidence in a court of law.

It's a way of adding a whole lot of extra metadata to a photograph or video in order to verify its authenticity. It's a piece of software that does two things. Firstly it describes the who, what, when, where, why and how of images and video and secondly it establishes a chain of custody that could be pointed to in a court of law.

metadata information for the relationship could not be retrieved

The App captures a lot of metadata at the time the image is shot including not only geo-location information which has always been standardbut corroborating data such as visible WiFi networks, cell tower IDs and bluetooth signals from others in the area.