Relationship between mali and nigeria

Mali And Nigeria’s Foreign Policy – By EL Harun Muhammad -

relationship between mali and nigeria

a look at the war in Mali and the French and Nigerian intervention. of arms and vigor from its new relationship, Jonathan was insistent on not. Distance from Mali to Nigeria how many miles and kilometers, how far is it from Mali to Nigeria travel distance. Mali, Nigeria, Sahel stability, Unitied States, France, U.S strategy in the .. Governorate status.5 The relationships between the Sahel and the.

relationship between mali and nigeria

Salt that serves as dietary supplement and preservative among many functions is another article of eminent commercial significance. Its rich Architectural acumen remains iconic in West African building industry till today. Dying and weaving of clothes such as Brocade remains major feature in Malian treasuries.

Mali as it makes a pivotal stand in ECOWAS, is a replica of its centrality to transaharan trade whose importance in the economic, military and sociocultural integration of west Africa is indispensable.

The well learned and deeply rooted Kabara scholars and family in modern Kano have their root in Mali and so many families as well that can be traced there. There are many Malians in Nigeria as business communities, wives and members of the wider transaharan communities. In geosecurity and politico military spaces, fighting Boko haram should be seen to cut acroos the entire western Africa, north Africa and the Centre.

The potency for this rebellion to expand and metamorphose calls for decisive Nigeria. This is almost necessary in line with the important visit done to Niger, Benin, Cameroun and Ghana. Mali should be our next place of call.

Mali, Nigeria, and the Bigger Picture

Direct flight from Abuja to Bamako is about 40 mins. An alley Nigeria must take closely decisively. The role of Kumbi saleh in connecting Gao. Agades and ,Katsina in exchange of Gold or salt for kola nut, slaves or cowrie laid the foundation for the common currency Accra and Abuja are expected to establish across the western Africa. Rich values and traditions of Nigerians who settled in Ghana have come to position themselves permanently in Ghanaian national process.

What an important psychocultural factor for regional integration and development. Nigeria needs these countries as they need it as well. Ghana ,is presently about km away from its older location that today included Mauritania, South east Mali and Northern Senegal. Firstly, while Boko Haram arose as a terrorist group before the Jonathan Government, it was absolutely contained - through early detection and countermeasures by the previous Administration - and was on its way to extinction.

The Jonathan Administration virtually poured gasoline on the embers through a program designed to discredit the Muslim-majority North of Nigeria which he saw as trying to oppose his South-South Presidency. Then, as Boko Haram blossomed because of an influx of arms and vigor from its new relationship, Jonathan was insistent on not turning to the people who had earlier discovered and had almost destroyed Boko Haram.

Instead, he turned - to the anger of much of his national security administration, which felt that he had insulted them - to the US, to have the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI take a lead in counter-terrorism in Nigeria. It was an area in which the FBI had no real knowledge or local networks. Secondly, the Nigerian Government is hampered by the reality that some 40 percent of Government funds - mostly derived from energy sales - goes to pay the salaries and emoluments of the National Assembly.

In other words, the politicians take some 40 percent of the budget. Another 40 percent goes to running the Government bureaucracy.

Distance from Mali to Nigeria

At best, 20 percent of the funds go to social and infrastructural programs. Most Abuja insiders doubt that the amount of budget funding spent on the country is as much as 10 percent. Nigeria hosts an extremely entrepreneurial society. It also hosts some state governments which are aggressively and intelligently approaching issues, such as the provision of safe and well-managed water resources, which can provide the underpinning of future growth and wealth.

At the national political level, however, corruption is considered now to be far worse even that inwhen it became so profound that it inspired the coup by Maj. The military, however, has been neutered in ways which are both good and bad for the country. Secondly, from the negative standpoint, the Nigerian armed forces - and the Army in particular - has been so transformed at the insistence of the then-US Bill Clinton Administration that it cannot cost-effectively perform its traditional regional peacekeeping, conflict resolution missions.

It has become inefficient in that it follows doctrine and approaches which were laid down for the US Army, which is much larger, has different missions, and which can afford - because of the size of the US force and US wealth - the kind of overmanning which Nigeria cannot afford. While many Nigerian officers are truly world class which they have demonstrated by topping many US and other military institutions of higher educationthey have now inherited a rudderless force.

Several senior officers have indicated that they felt that the force sent into Mali was not mission-ready, nor even mission- capable.

relationship between mali and nigeria

This is not the Army which slogged through the brutal and grinding campaigns in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Somalia. Further Attempts to Destabilize Egypt This is significant, because Nigeria is the only regional power capable of providing leadership - African solutions - to the pressing regional problems, and particularly the Mali campaign, and what that means even to the Maghreb situation.

And it is not merely because of the use of Mali as a safe-haven for Boko Haram; it is because Nigeria is the vital hub of what will be the trans-Saharan energy pipeline network which ultimately is designed to provide an energy solution for Europe which like the Eastern Mediterranean gas fields will enable the European Union to minimize dependence on Russian-controlled energy.

relationship between mali and nigeria

It has been initiated and funded, and fueled, by Qatar out of anger at [Syrian Pres. Qatar thinks that a different Syrian leader would allow this pipeline. Whatever the outcome, these wars - and the reality that the Qatari- and Turkish-supported salafists fighting in Syria are directly linked to the combatants operating in Mali and providing weapons and support to the Boko Haram Nigerians - have consequences for the West African energy states, such as Nigeria.

relationship between mali and nigeria

So any attempt to undertake a blanket kinetic military operation against jihadist targets in Northern Mali could not only feed into the creation of an irretrievably lost zone, it could also feed international momentum providing a recruit base of fighters who would find their way to the war to fight the government and international community forces.

Clearly, then, feeding a war which creates a continual stream of adversaries is not a recipe for the early withdrawal of international troops. On the other hand, the Government of Mali is not internationally recognized as legitimate it is a coup administrationand the predecessor elected Government cannot be reinstated, given that it, too, violated its mandate in attempting to stay in office beyond its term.

Indeed, a resolution in Mali may actually trigger a calming of the Algerian Tuareg, rather than an agitation of them. But a Malian solution would only be possible with a legitimate, elected Malian Government, and elections in the entirety of the state are unlikely to be satisfactory until calm is restored. And calm cannot be restored absent a resolution of Tuareg discontent.

The solution would require that Mali accept a federalization of the Republic, with an autonomous, or partly autonomous, Tuareg state of Azawad in the North.