What was the relationship between jonathan and his armor bearer

A Heart for God: Saul and Jonathan: A Father Unlike His Son

what was the relationship between jonathan and his armor bearer

Saul and the priest with the ephod sat back while Jonathan bravely trusted God. . () Jonathan and his armor bearer attack the Philistines. .. man after God's own heart and because his own relationship with God was more about image. Jonathan and His Armor Bearer - Saul, his son Jonathan, and the soldiers who That meant that the Israelites had to go down among the Philistines to keep. Saul's position as king exceeds his passion for God (bad news 1 Samuel 23 the relationship between Jonathan and his armor bearer.

Paul shines forth from Ephesus, and Rome, and Athens, and Corinth as the great leader and evangelist, but who can ever tell how much Silas, and Barnabas, and Timothy meant to the great apostle as armour bearers to encourage and sustain him? Of course God works through leaders. I do not wish for one moment, to shirk my own responsibility or my own duty with reference to a revival.


But feeling in this way, I also feel just as certainly that I cannot win in this church and in this city many souls to Christ, unless the men and women of this church shall be loyal and faithful armour bearers. There are many ways in which the individual members of a church may be helpful armour bearers to. The first is in their attitude to God and to their fellow Christians in relation to the meetings. Sincere and earnest prayer which takes possession of the heart and life must help to sustain the pastor in leading a campaign for the saving of souls.

Do you think that Peter could have won that victory on the day of Pentecost if the hundred and twenty had been going about criticising him; or bad been making outside engagemants to take away their interest from the meeting.

Jonathan, His Armour-bearer, Six Hundred Men with Pitchforks…And God.

So both your attitude to God and your attitude toward your fellow church members are of the most serious importance. Revivals never come easily. A revival of religion is campaign waged against the world, and the flesh, and the devil. Every liquor saloon in this country is dead set against a revival of religion.

Not only are these against it, but the greed for money, and the love of ease and self-indulgence, in church members as well as in outsiders, ere all against a revival of religion. Hence a real, genuine revival of religion always comes hard.

Must not wait until everything becomes perfect before moving forward, 1 Samuel Once he takes the first step and start moving forward everything else becomes clearer and easier.

what was the relationship between jonathan and his armor bearer

New opportunities spring up, 1 Samuel Remember, God will not move until you start moving IV. The leader must earn loyalty I. Today loyalty is a very rare virtue in the church as well as in the world.

Sermon on 1 Samuel 14 | Jonathan and his armor bearer

A congregation not loyal to leadership poses an internal threat to the church. Internal threats are more destructive than external threats III.

what was the relationship between jonathan and his armor bearer

Loyalty is something that you earn. You receive loyalty only once you earn the trust of your followers. It takes a life time.

Slapstick Theater (Jonathan and David)

The leader must exercise sound discernment I. Making decisions in times of crisis require discernment and sound judgment. All the great warriors in the Bible discerned the Lord before marching to Battle, Ex: The leader needs to walk with God regularly because sound discernment is not enlightenment that occurs out of the blue.

It flaws only from wisdom and wisdom can be gained only through fear of God, Proverbs 9: The leader must remember his identity in Christ I. The leader who forgets his identity in Christ in times of crisis aims to fail because he is subject to be controlled by fear and confusion II.

Jesus said, he will be with us to the end of the age, Matthew Crisis, persecution and times of uncertainty are inevitable in Christian ministry. How you lead through these, defines what type of a leader you are.