50 signs youre in a bad relationship

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50 signs youre in a bad relationship

Planning a holiday, driving each other's cars and having a key to your partner's flat are all signs a relationship has gotten serious, a new survey has shown. Jan 25, Here are some signs to help you recognize a toxic relationship: 1. All take, no Constant anger is a sure sign of an unhealthy relationship. You. Nov 17, When you're together you feel entirely complete. I had some bad relationships before and never felt perfectly happy with any woman. Until I met.

50 signs youre in a bad relationship

A passive-aggressive energy is clouding you when you are together. You begin to see love from a negative stand point. They are ruining your mascara instead of your lipstick. You feel bad all the time.

You feel bad when you are not with them and worse when you are. They criticize your body, personality, or life choices. You feel like you are walking on eggshells.

50 signs youre in a bad relationship

They forget things that are important to you. They are taking you for granted.

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Your family and friends have told you to leave. They are lying to you. They are hiding things from you.

50 signs youre in a bad relationship

They bring you down instead of lifting you up. You are starting to lose your light, sense of humor and love for life. Your fights are not productive. All you do is fight.

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You are alone and lonely in the relationship. They flirt with other people in a sexual way. You are making excuses for their obnoxious behavior. They are not there for you at all. They are busy to see you, text you, or sleep with you. You cannot see the point anymore. They want to fit you in a box.

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When you are having the shittiest day but you can just breeze through it because you know you will get to see that person after. All the romantic stuff is just an after thought.

Also, you stop seeing their flaws as such, and recognize that they are simply part of who they are. They form the grooves and ridges of their personality, and make them unique. You love their flaws just as much as you love everything else. When you simply want to be with them and just their presence makes you happy.

When no matter what you do together, even if its something you would normally find boring, is fun to do. When just hearing them laugh and knowing their happy and content makes your heart leap with joy. When the need for them in your life persists when you are mad at them.

When something happens in your day and the first thought is how much the other person would enjoy this story. And not just big exciting life changing events, just seeing a funny license plate or a cute dog, or a tree trunk that looked like a butt.

When everything you experience makes you want to run and tell that person asap. Not matter all the little arguments and bickers. Being around them you can be your self and feel safe.

When the thought of spending the rest of your life with them seems inviting rather than terrifying. Maybe even being afraid sometimes. Intimacy is scary, and being truly open to someone else can be hard. Love is acknowledging that fear, but doing it anyway because you care for them that much. When someone asks you why you like them and you can name a bunch of thing without thinking about it.

50 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

When you like them for who they are not just for how they look. When the thought of them disappearing brings you to tears. When the idea of spending time with them doing the most mundane things is so much more appealing than spending lots of money to go out to bars and meet new people.

50 signs youre in a bad relationship

When no matter what you do, how small it is, your first thought is to tell them or wish they were there. When they can handle your ugly crying, panic attack state, and bring you down from it and calm you.

When looking them in the eyes gives you butterflies in your stomach, and when the thought of a world without them feels hollow and incomplete… When you prefer them to be happy and comfortable, even when it inconveniences you and makes you miserable. When you become friends, just so you can talk, but refuse to ask them out in any way, shape or form because it might embarrass them.

When seeing them smiling and chatting with one of their friends in the hallway, even just a glimpse, makes your day.