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Welcome to Akiba's Trip, a good game for someone who want to visit the player has to build up the trust relationship to the heroines to get their true endings. Step 2: Play the game on Otaku mode: .. Shizuku; Rin; Tohko; Shion; Kati; Nana . For Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board I got Kati on the title screen when I failed to get Touko's true ending. They are probably going to release a Akiba's Trip 2 Plus. Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed |OT| No shoes, no shirt, all fanservice! Or it will be based on the relationship between the the characters, so the route . Marathoned the Shion True End route in just about hours, now, for the final route; RIN. . No worse then a video of a Kate Upton photoshoot.

He wasn't sure but maybe it was because he finished up to sub mission 6. I don't know what this means since I haven't been doing the sub missions. It's Kati not Katie btw. Anyway, on this same blog he shows the title screen where not all the characters are standing. So, they're wondering if the game isn't entirely complete. He also mentions that the bad guys in the game say that Kati is some kind of special entity.

So they have their eye on her. He isn't entirely sure what this means. So maybe there will be some extra DLC in the future? My guess is that she appears there to make you not feel bad when you fail a heroine's route I usually don't choose the jackass choices but sometimes they're just painfully hilarious.

I got Kati on the title screen when I failed to get Touko's true ending. Yeah he also wondered about a bad ending. I guess that's how you do it then. But I want my Kati route Our Vampires Are Different: The Synthisters suck the life force of others yet they can walk to sunlight unless their skin is fully exposed and when they die, they are brought back to normal.

In camera mode you can actually go prone, and peek up women's skirts provided they're wearing a short enough one. There's no penalty or repercussions for doing this. Of course, you could always just beat them up and strip said skirt off too. Kati, though her blondness might be justified due to her being Finnish. A major problem with Shion's route is that nobody ever tries to talk things out when they should. If they communicated properly, quite a few fights could've been avoided.

The idea of going to the police is brought up early on, but shot down because either they wouldn't believe there are vampires among the peopleor they'll take the protagonist and experiment on them.

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Police in-game have a bad tendency to disrupt your fights, being extremely powerful and able to arrest you, forcing you to flee elsewhere. However, they don't automatically target you, they're just as likely to go after whomever you're fighting instead.

Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed Part 45 (Normal Ending)

This can be useful if you get yourself into a large brawl. A police officer won't even bat an eye on other fights happening on the street after they have made an arrest, and no more police other than them will appear on the streets afterward.

They will still go into action if anyone manages to provoke them. One trophy is collecting fliers with product placement of real stores in Akiba. Some other examples are Dear Stage a karaoke bar with their own Vocaloid and m's a sex shop department storewho both have actual storefronts you can enter in game, specifically for the collaboration points and one of the mascots shoos you out of m's since Nanashi is underage, anyway. The game is set in Akihabara - which uses Akiba as a nickname - and you have to defeat your enemies by stripping them out of their clothes and expose them to sunlight.

After completing the game, you can change your model to a male or female NPC, or even any named character, including ones you will be speaking with in-game. Apart from a few dialogue changes, the story and gameplay stays the same. Some non-Synthister women you fight will do this to you before running away after you stripped their clothes. The main difference between these 2 stripping styles is that the Drunken Fist style will do it while kneeling down.

Really Years Old: Shizuku and Rin reveal that, as Nighteaters, they're much older than normal human beings, with them being and years old, respectively.

People will react to you when you're fighting and stripping others, and any police officers who see you will jump in to break up the fray. However, everyone returns to normal once you've defeated everybody, and no one bats an eye as you're running around picking up items and underwear.

Acquire and XSEED added strip portraits for some major male enemies you fight for the localized versions. These would later be rolled into the PS4 version for Japan. Shizuku, Tohko, Rin, and Shion all have an affection stat which determines how the endgame plays out. Scolded For Not Buying: While the shopkeepers are completely okay with you not buying anything from them, but the ones with 3D models will bob their head in frustration when you back out of the deal before confirming a purchase.

Some quests have you go buy a rare item such as a cake that is made in limited quantities each day. As soon as you get it, someone shows up demanding you hand said item over to them, and end up fighting you as a result. One sidequest involves a stripping tournament to decide who gets magazine ad space.

Has its own page. People who've actually been to Akihabara can attest to the accuracy of the game's version of Akihabara. Show Within a Show: The main characters in this are also the characters from Kodomo No Jikan.

You can change the model sizes to be big, small, or figurine style with big heads and small bodies. In the PS4 version and PC too you can change various visual options to give the game certain appearances, like a manga style or green night vision. If you complete all of your sister's sidequests and get her to reconnect with her friends you get a post-credits scene where she thanks you for all your help. Three of the four routes Shizuku's, Tohko's, and Rin's all follow a similar formula, with the only differences being what each character goes shopping with you for, a bit of dialogue, and all having the same final level, only adjusted to give more focus to the route of the character you're on.

The fourth one Shion'showever, explains a lot of what's going on and is much deeper.

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If you do your sister's side quests, you can eventually find out that what happened between her and her friends was just a big misunderstanding on everyone's part. Or you can beat them all up instead if you want and keep said misunderstanding going. Take a Third Option: When you first go to the arena your allies suggest that either Shizuku or Tohko go with you. You can pick one of the two, or pick Kati instead. In one field event, you have to decide for an arguing couple whether maid outfits or cheongsams are better.

You can choose to say that shrine maiden outfits are better instead, and you happen to be wearing a shrine maiden outfit the couple agrees with you and gives you some clothes as thanks. Story missions will often sound urgent and needing your attention right away.

But if you want to do side missions, Zenya Amo will patiently wait at the battle arena for you during one story mission despite his threat of attacking random people if you fail to show up, and Pops won't be mad at you if you take forever to deliver an item he asked you to bring to a customer.

That said, if you do the story missions before completing side missions first, you may end up failing them that way, though the game at least warns you about finishing them beforehand. The Smiley Method strip style has you distract your victims by tickling them before stripping off their clothes. Video Game Cruelty Punishment: If you beat up too many innocent bystanders, they start to attack you on sight.

She also dresses as a maid constantly, not just for work, but for her own amusement; she created the outfit herself. She has an adoring fanbase amongst maid dorks. As the game progresses, she is revealed to be Shizuku's sister. Zenya, as an elitist nerd, has a strong distaste for anyone who shares the same hobbies as he, proudly presenting himself with a firm and unwavering holier-than-thou attitude.

He is a ringleader of Magaimono and is the first major antagonist introduced. Voiced by Daichi Kanbara. As president and CEO of a mega-conglomerate called Daishihon Pharmaceuticals, Shion is confident and eloquent, consistently presenting herself as if she always has the upper hand.

Her company is rumored to be linked with unseemly activities, however, so her support for the Akiba Freedom Fighters leaves several members wondering what her true intentions may be, and even if she should be trusted at all. English Voice by Megan Hollingshead. It is only a matter of time before he finally snaps Voiced by Koji Fujiyoshi. He is the main antagonist of the game. He is also from the same Nighteater clan as Shizuku and Rin.

He wishes to turn all of Akihabara into Synthisters. Voiced by Ryota Takeuchi. He is also the leader of Akiba's Freedom Fighters. Though he is old enough to be virtually anyone else's grandfather from this cast, Pops loves anime, manga and games just as much as any teen, and is always there to support the group and give a hearty dosage of advice whenever they need a good, swift kick in the rear.

It is thanks to his deep, undying love of Akiba that his bar came to double as the Freedom Fighters' home base. Voiced by Toshitsugu Takashina.