Boring relationship reddit real girls

20 Guys Admit Why They Prefer High-Maintenance Women, According To Reddit

boring relationship reddit real girls

You can't forced a real relationship, you generally start with a strong .. I have the opposite problem though - finding most girls boring. As someone who has probably been in a romantic relationship or five before that inquires: Girls, what are some signs that a guy is a keeper?. this guy sounds boring. and it also sounds like he has his own knows, maybe it's easier for men to find a genuine connection than it is for women. . physical relationship but never seem to fit the criteria of the girls who are.

One Redditor wrote that they had an ex-girlfriend who would always vent to him every day after work about her coworkers and he would then ask if she had gone to HR or done anything else about it and she would say that she hadn't. She was none too pleased and acted passive aggressive towards me until I broke it off. It could be reading, art, sports, video games, puzzles, crafts--anything! If you don't have something that you enjoy doing then you will always rely on your partner to entertain you.

You should be a well-rounded person without your partner because you shouldn't need anyone in your life to feel complete. Just read what this Reddit user had to say: I couldn't do my thing because she'd be 'bored' and 'left out' but I could never find anything she wanted to do.

Sure, you may have a clingy partner but if they make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you need to get out of that situation. A Reddit user told the story of his obsessed ex-girlfriend: She would be outside my house checking if I went home and would follow up with a text asking, 'Are you home safe yet?

Thinking about it gives me chills to this day.

boring relationship reddit real girls

If you have a partner who has been unfaithful towards you, there is nothing wrong with calling it off immediately and it might be the oldest deal breaker in the book. Many Reddit users claimed that this was their number one deal breaker.

However, one Reddit user had a girlfriend who was a secret slob and he didn't realize it until after they had already moved in together: Plates of half-eaten food left by the bed, laundry everywhere, trash stuffed under the bed. Your partner isn't your private cleaning service. However, even if your partner gives you no reason to be jealous, paranoia and trust issues can still affect you. If you have trust issues and you have a supportive partner, you should be able to talk about them and work on them instead of letting them fester inside you.

A Redditor wrote about one situation where his girlfriend had very serious trust issues that drove them apart: However, there are some with debt because they were careless with credit cards and that can be a deal breaker for some. Then there are people who have credit card debt and lie about it. That should be a major deal breaker. This Reddit user wrote that his girlfriend never told him that she had "mounds and mounds of debt" that he didn't know about until they were ready to buy a house together: Things did not work out for other reasons but this did a good bit of damage to the relationship.

Being adventurous may seem like an exciting personality trait to have but if you don't like to try new things or go new places, it's best if you're upfront about it. One Reddit user explained: How can you describe yourself as adventurous if you won't even try a glass of wine or some fine sushi? I don't necessarily care if it's the paragon of current style, but I will definitely be much more attracted to a woman who is well-dressed than one who isn't. That's why, when it comes to women who are considered high-maintenance because they pay attention to the clothes they wear, some fashion-conscious men actually like this trait.

Being well-dressed tells the world many positive things about you. For example, it says that you care about yourself, you have healthy confidence, and you take pride in who you are. Clothing choices can also reveal your personality, which is great because it gives the world a glimpse into what you're about and who you are, such as if you're elegant or artistic.

High-maintenance women who take extra care when choosing clothing to wear therefore give men lots of good messages about themselves. Plus, looking well put together will just make them walk taller and feel more confident, which is really what's attractive. It's about confidence, not clothes! Business attire runs the show, super smart, well-off, very pretty. I have yet to meet a girl like that at my age, but have met some girls that I think will be that lady in a few years, so maybe I will eventually have a relationship with a powerful woman.

The image of a woman who's worked her way up the corporate ladder and looks good while doing it can be intoxicating. But what's really behind the need for a powerful partner? According to a Psychology Today article, people that are attracted to powerful people often believe that just by being close to them, they'll absorb some of that power and become more powerful themselves.

So maybe those high-powered women who seem so unapproachable are actually intriguing to men. They might be seen as high-maintenance, but that's because it takes a lot of work to succeed at what they do. Hmmm, perhaps it's that determination and ambition that's really what's so attractive underneath their polished, powerful appearance. The idea that women who are high-maintenance want men to provide for them is a common stereotype, but it's not always as simple as women being gold diggers.

As this Reddit user clearly states, he loves supporting his partner and actually feels proud to be able to help her financially. Some men want to be providers, which is why they won't run in the other direction when approached by high-maintenance women. In fact, even if the women aren't chasing them for their money such as the Reddit user's partnerthese men might still want to provide for them.

So, when you see a woman who appears to be high-maintenance with a new boyfriend, you can't assume that she's the one who demanded to be provided for - it might just be that he's attracted to women who let him support her. I think women's fashion is really cool personally.

Of course, these things cost money, which is why when you see a woman who's polished you might immediately assume that she's spending lots of money to look that good - or getting someone to pay for her. But what's interesting is that some of the Reddit guys in this article are clearly okay with high-maintenance women if they're financially independent. It's like that's the disclaimer: It makes sense and is fair.

If someone wants a high-maintenance lifestyle, then they've got to be willing to pay for it, with their own money and time. It's unfair for them to expect their partners to pick up the bills. Not only do I like feeling wanted, I like feeling needed.

On the one hand, women are encouraged to be independent, but then, on the other hand, they're looked down upon if they're too independent. When dating, a woman who's too independent might not need her partner for anything, not even emotional support.

This can cause some problems in the relationship because people want to feel loved and needed. The interesting thing is that a high-maintenance woman traditionally appears to be needy. She's the woman who isn't afraid to be a bit clingy and require lots of emotional support from her partners. Some might call her a drama queen, although often it's not that extreme.

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It seems that being a bit dependent on one's partner is a good thing, based on this Reddit user's post. When you show your vulnerability, it makes you real. So, being emotionally high-maintenance can be a positive thing because it allows for that vulnerability to come out, which can bring you and your partner much closer.

boring relationship reddit real girls

Of course, there are limits to everything! Too much dependence on your partner can be unhealthy, just as much as being too independent can.

It's really about finding a balance. It shows they're passionate, and I don't want to date a dead fish with no interests. A high-maintenance woman, on the other hand, who isn't afraid to express her opinions or "rant", as the Reddit user puts itand who has passion, can be a great catch. What's passion really about? Having passion in life is really about having a fiery attitude. It's when you chase hobbies and dreams, and never give up on achieving them.

It's when you fight for your rights and opinions and aren't afraid to have strong opinions about everything - even things you hate, which can reveal passion in itself. An emotionally high-maintenance woman will be highly passionate, which makes her memorable and interesting to be around. She's proud and loud, and won't back down when it comes to things that are important to her.

boring relationship reddit real girls

There's certainly never a dull moment in her company! Nice put together outfits, good smile. But it's really what he doesn't say that's important.

All those items that his dream woman wears really say more about her than simply that she's trendy or likes to dress up. For example, wearing red lipstick can enhance the "good smile" that he likes in a partner. This can accentuate her kindness and warm personality.

Similarly, when she's wearing nicely put-together outfits, she's really showing the world that she knows how to dress for her body shape and personality and that she feels confident when she leaves the house.

Those are the qualities that can be much more appealing to a high-maintenance woman than the material goods she likes to wear. Looking at the red lipstick specifically, it has the power to make women appear more confident.