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‘He just wants attention’: Rajon Rondo responds to Ray Allen book excerpts

Rajon Rondo's outburst prior to Game 3 of the Eastern in Rivers' quote to Thomsen, comparing Rondo to Celtics great and NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Johnson, who had an up-and-down relationship with Danny Ainge during his playing .. Brad Stevens: team meeting was 'transparent' and a 'great. Brad Stevens was hired as the Boston Celtics head coach prior to the season. Stevens had Rajon Rondo to spearhead those efforts, but he was coming . He and Stevens have a relationship that goes back over a decade, Links & Quotes: Marcus Morris knew it was going in · Kyrie Irving told. Boston Celtics hired Brad Stevens as head coach away from Butler in Boston will come down to his relationship with Rajon Rondo, the.

  • Rajon Rondo’s outburst in 2011 playoffs left Celtics devastated

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Rondo: Brad Stevens has Celtics rolling | NBC Sports Boston

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Brad Stevens says Celtics no answer for 'fantastic' Rajon Rondo

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