Butler until midnight yuma ending a relationship

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butler until midnight yuma ending a relationship

Nov 5, 1 App: Butler Until Midnight Route: Yuma Akagi Season: Main Story / Season 1 Right from the character selection part at the end of the prologue, it” as in they're handing to us the essence of what this relationship will be. Read Butler Until Midnight from the story Otome by rainbhel with reads. sims, romance, games. both ending and the bonus movie from beginning to end. +. Butler till midnight relationship. Judy Runyon · Voltage Inc. Games · Yuma Akagi - Voltage Inc Wiki - Wikia Voltage Inc, Butler, Games, Anime.

And that one scene, with that one antagonistic character. It was totally replaceable. I also understand that there needs to be a climax for further development, but I was not feeling this climax at all.

If I could swoop in randomly and save Yuma and the MC from this horrible plot, I would do that with no doubt in my mind. When I said he was the element that was holding the two settings together, I really meant it. I appreciate the way in which he interlaced his teachings so that the MC can interpret and apply it to the various circumstances she faces.

You begin to understand that both the Yuma and the MC almost finds solace with each other in their lessons.

Butler until midnight: Midnight Warmth Yuma

Another saving grace of this route was the relationship between Yuma and the MC. Right from the beginning, I found the relationship between Yuma and the MC hilarious and refreshing. Which I thought worked really well with a character like Yuma.

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In saying that, I had no problems with her whatsoever. I thought she was absolutely hilarious in a few of the scenes in this route. She was always honest, and direct with what she wants to get across which both Yuma and I highly appreciated. I even went back to replay it again because Yuma Akagi was absolutely perfect in that ending.

Yuma Akagi, as a character, I actually quite liked and as I said I thought he was perfect in the ending. How much would I recommend this route to you? As a result he puts his all into preparing the MC for her societal debut. The relationship between the MC and Kyo, is one of master and servant. His quiet demeanor enabling him to discreetly carry out his duties with the least effect on her daily routine.

He follows her like a shadow, always ready to come to her aid at the drop of a dime. But, as the story progresses, his dutiful obedience gives way to something more.

His intense gaze seems to linger and his poker-face suddenly seems to relay some emotional depth.

The Silent Butler Who Stole My Heart: Butler Until Midnight- Kyo Aizawa

In fact, his feelings for her run much deeper than even he or the MC could have ever imagined. He constantly struggles with his duty as a butler and his guilt over his past, add to the mix his devotion to the MC and you have a man full of powerful yet conflicting emotions. He constantly finds himself overstepping the line of duty, just so he can catch a glimpse of her smiling face. You can really feel how deeply he cares for her, but his guilt about the past keeps him from reaching out and telling her how much she means to him.

Instead he resigns himself into being a shadow, silently basking in her warm glow. At the start of the game she has just secured her dream job as an assistant at a top fashion magazine, when the butlers inform her that she has to undergo an intense etiquette routine.

Yuma Akagi/Character

When they suggest that she forgo her job for the training, she quickly shuts them down, demanding that they work around her schedule instead! I wanted to do a happy dance when she shut both Yuma and Tomoki down, finally, I thought, this is what I have been waiting for! On top of that she handles her job professionally despite being a complete greenhorn, even gaining some praise from her hard ass of a boss!

Luck for her, her perfect shadow is there to save the day, or else the situation could have been worse.

butler until midnight yuma ending a relationship

She really does her best to assuage his guilty conscience over his past deeds, by helping him see just how amazing and sweet he really is. You definitely see a lot of growth in this MC over the course of the story as she comes to terms with herself and her feelings towards her butler.

Overall, the plot progression was great, the relationship between the MC and Kyo never felt rushed. The character development was seamlessly done, and this is definitely on of the better written Voltage routes that I have read.

butler until midnight yuma ending a relationship

To be honest the only real difference between the two endings is that the Soothing end takes place inside and the Seductive End takes place outside.