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chen qiao en relationship test

L. Chen, L. Qiao & X. Wang Civil and Environmental Engineering School, University In this paper, the triaxial compression test and Acoustic Emission ( AE) At last, the relationship between AE characteristics and rock failing was obtained. The relationship between corporate social responsibility and shareholder value: an empirical test of the risk management hypothesis. In genetic studies it is important to test putative relationships and also test for unexpected Manichaikul A, Mychaleckyj JC, Rich SS, Daly K, Sale M, Chen WM. [PMC free article] [PubMed]; Staples J, Qiao D, Cho MH, Silverman EK.

On the contrary, incongruent trails imply that the color of each word was inconsistent with its meaning. In this study, the task included one practice block, and four task blocks, each comprising 24 trials: Incongruent and congruent trails are presented in a random order within each block.

Participants were requested to identify the color of word as quickly as possible within 4 s by pressing one of four appointed keys D, F, J, K. After an incorrect response feedback will be presented to participants to ensure high accuracy.

In the presence of incongruent trials participants require suppressing the dominant process of word naming. Mean response time difference between incongruent trails and congruent trails in each block is taken as the interference score.

However, the interference score in the Stroop task is reverse to inhibitory control.

A Pipeline for Classifying Relationships Using Dense SNP/SNV Data and Putative Pedigree Information

Thus, the negative interference score was used to the next step analysis. This task requires participants to improve a product, particularly a toy, such that they would enjoy the activity. It differs considerably from extremely popular, Alternate uses test Christensen et al. Differing from traditional verbal evaluations of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, we only focus on fluency and originality of DT: Participants were given 3 min per task to write all the novel and appropriate responses that they could think of on a personal computer.

A consensual assessment technique was used to assess the ideas Amabile et al. All responses were assessed for originality and fluency by four experienced professionals using a similar point scale. Originality means the degree of originality of the responses i. For each task, originality and fluency scores reflected the average originality and fluency rating of the three ideas assessed by the raters. In the next step analysis, we analysis the two scores as two dependent variables.

Assessing Intelligence To control the impact of general intelligence on brain structure Colom et al. This scale is adopted to test intelligence in a wide range for good reliability and validity Wang, This scale includes 72 non-verbal items.

In every item, participants are asked to select the best answer from six or eight alternatives to fill a matrix with a missing piece. Specifically, artifacts or anatomical abnormalities were first screened in SPM8. Subsequently, images were manually set along the anterior-posterior commissure AC-PC line to get better registration. Next, the new segmentation tool in SPM8 was employed to segment images into gray matter, white matter, and cerebrospinal fluid.

After that, Jacobian determinants were used to modulate images in order to conserve the absolute amount of gray matter Good et al. Finally, the modulated gray matter images were smoothed with a 10 mm full-width at half-maximum FWHM Gaussian kernel to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. The ROIs hippocampal, parahippocampal, lingual gyrus, precuneus, cuneus, IFG were identical to those used in previous studies of structural correlation networks Fink et al.

These ROIs were resampled to the dimension of the voxel-based morphometry images. The residuals of each regression were used for subsequent analysis to replace the raw ROI volume values He et al.

Mediation Analysis Before performing a mediation analysis, all data were normalized.

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The non-interest effect of age, gender, and general intelligence was removed from behavioral data i. To further investigate the effects of inhibition and GMV on facets of DT, we set up several models for originality and fluency, wherein originality and fluency of DT tasks were used as dependent variables.

A simple mediation analysis was employed using SPSS macro with a 0. In typical mediation analyses, several paths between the variables are estimated. The chief estimated path is the total effect of an independent variable X on a dependent variable Y path c. When the zero is not encompassed within the confidence interval CIa significant difference between the indirect effect path a b and zero exists, which indicates that regional structural volume accounts for a statistically significant portion of the relationship between inhibition functions and DT.

Mediation analysis for right lingual gyrus volume and originality. Correlations between behavioral and volumetric measures.

Descriptive statistics are presented in Table 2 and correlations between the behavioral variable and ROIs volume are presented in Table 1. Since only the relationship between behavioral data and lingual gyrus was significant Figure 1only lingual gyrus data were considered for further analysis Figure 2.

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Increased lingual gyrus volume is associated with better DT performance and poorer inhibition. Scatterplots show a significant positive correlation between the GMV of the lingual gyrus and DT A ; and a significant negative correlation between the GMV of the lingual gyrus and inhibition B.

Mediation Results Inhibition was selected as the independent variable after controlling for intelligence, gender, and age. The right and left lingual gyrus were used separately as mediators to investigate a concrete neural basis for originality and fluency of DT.

Mediation analysis for right lingual gyrus volume and fluency. Mediation analysis for the relationship between left lingual gyrus volume and originality. Mediation analysis for left lingual gyrus volume and fluency.

The results showed two main findings: The association between lingual gyrus GMV and DT advances previous structural and functional neuroimaging evidence that suggests that greater lingual gyrus GMV volume is associated with better ideational fluency Jauk et al. Specifically, research consistently shows that the lingual gyrus is associated with visual memory Bogousslavsky et al. The creative process necessitates the generation of new visual imagery Anderson and Helstrup, ; LeBoutillier and Marks, Moreover, visual imagery is an important strategy for DT Gilhooly et al.

As suggested by Guilfordthe prefrontal cortex draws task-relevant information from long-term memory stored in the TOP areas and temporarily represents it in the working memory space.

This allows the prefrontal cortex cognitive flexibility when combining the retrieved information to form new combinations. Lingual gyrus GMV may be one important neural marker of long-term memory specifically visual memory storage. The current findings demonstrate a negative association between lingual gyrus volume and inhibition function.

Although there is little experimental evidence for the direct relationship between inhibition function and lingual gyrus, Dietrich proposed that inhibition function would modulate the associative activity among knowledge nodes in TOP regions. Abstract When genome-wide association studies GWAS or sequencing studies are performed on family-based datasets, the genotype data can be used to check the structure of putative pedigrees.

A number of methods for finding relationships using dense genetic data exist, but they all have certain limitations, including that they typically use average genetic sharing, which is only a subset of the available information.

Here, we present a set of approaches for classifying relationships in GWAS datasets or large-scale sequencing datasets. We first propose an empirical method for detecting identity by descent segments in close relative pairs using un-phased dense SNP data and demonstrate how that information can assist in building a relationship classifier.

chen qiao en relationship test

We then develop a strategy to take advantage of putative pedigree information to enhance classification accuracy. Our methods are tested and illustrated with two datasets from two distinct populations.

A Pipeline for Classifying Relationships Using Dense SNP/SNV Data and Putative Pedigree Information

Finally, we propose classification pipelines for checking and identifying relationships in datasets containing a large number of small pedigrees.

Validity of linkage analyses depends on accurate pedigree structure. Hidden relatedness may cause genomic inflation and affect ancestry inferences in population-based studies [ Patterson et al. Presence of hidden close relationships may also lead to false associations, especially in the analysis of rare variants.

Also, inferring relationship pairs is useful in genealogical studies and forensics. These methods usually require sparse and uncorrelated genetic markers. However, although these methods are powerful for detecting first- second- and third-degree relationships, none of them can effectively separate second-degree relatives, i.

This is due to the fact that existing algorithms focus on estimating measures of average genetic sharing, such as kinship coefficients and probabilities of identity by descent IBD sharing, and the above-mentioned second-degree relatives share the same expected values for these quantities. Average genetic sharing is only part of the information available in genomic data.

In principle, grandparent-grandchild, half-siblings, and avuncular pairs are separable if spatial information on genetic sharing is also considered. In other words, the expected sojourn length in different IBD states, a summary of the spatial IBD information, is different for different relationships. This astonishing result causes Bulu to fall into a contradiction. Because of his clash at the hospital with Xia Tian, Ah Jiang and the others, Councilor Kong immediately arrives at the school the next day to bring trouble.

How will they solve these difficult problems? Episode 5 Fang Wei's confession at the auditorium which is ruined by Ah Jiang shutting off the lights has put a major strain on their friendship. Despite the wedge driven in their friendship, Fang Wei finds a group of international lawyers from his father's company to help Ah Jiang and Bulu from being thrown into jail.

Ah Jiang's heart is filled with appreciation and Fang Wei understands but both are still on non-speaking terms with each other… The result of the comparison of the footprints is finally out. While taking Xiao Hui home, Bulu frankly questions her. Xiao Hui is stunned and solemnly asks Bulu to keep it a secret. She even asks the mysterious Grey Wolf to help stop Councilor Kong's evil ways. As expected, Councilor Kong gets threatened with BB pellets and a warning note and he immediately drops the charges on Ah Jiang and Bulu.

However, this threatening move brings about more of Councilor Kong's resentment and trouble… Officer Xia's gun is still not found yet and there is already more trouble coming. How much longer will Xiao Hui and Bulu's secret be kept? Because of her weak principal father, Xiao Han is always being scorned and ridiculed by Fang Wei.

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How will their relationship change? Ah Jiang shoulders the responsibility of taking care of his mother. He agrees to publicly reconcile with the Kong father and son at the tea party that Councilor Kong is holding. Seeing how Ah Jiang is shouldering all the humiliation, Xia Tian decides to go look for the surveillance videotape from Li Chang's office, of the day when Kong Long was beaten.

Fang Wei follows her and they both look for evidence to clear Ah Jiang's name. Yet they both accidentally get locked inside the basement where all the information is. Xia Tian and Fang Wei spent the whole night together and the next morning, they bump into Xiao Wei, who has arrived to organize the warehouse. Just when Ah Jiang is being spiteful to Xia Tian, without a care to everyone's objection and hindrance, Ah Jiang goes alone to the tea party that Councilor Kong is holding at Westside Street.

The neighborhood is buzzing with discussion on Ah Jiang's behavior. And also to help everyone see what Councilor Kong's true colors are?

Ah Jiang and Xia Tian are back on good terms with each other following the settlement of Councilor Kong's matter. Everyone urges Ah Jiang to repay Xia Tian for all the hard work she has done to help him with a kiss.

This kiss, will it really happen in the end? Fang Wei and Xiao Han left the celebration early, because his father is rarely home and so Fang Wei pulls Xiao Han along to attend the banquet that his father is holding.

Xiao Hui uses the excuse that her grandmother wants her to go home early and leaves with Bulu. A half drunk Xia Tian and Ah Jiang are left alone by themselves.

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Xiao Han accompanies Fang Wei to the elegant banquet that his father is holding. Due to some words from Father Fang's secretary, this elegant banquet momentary turns into a heated argument. Fang Wei reveals the hopes that he has in his heart for his family and for his father. On this night, Xiao Han's bad impression of Fang Wei changes from the rich playboy image that she once had.

She comforts him and even supports his pursuit of Xia Tian. This helps to resolve their previous opposition to each other and brings their relationship closer.

On the way home, the drunk Xia Tian uses her drunken state to confess her feelings to Ah Jiang. This causes Ah Jiang to struggle with his feelings internally. Xia Tian's continuous grumbling and nagging forces Ah Jiang to unexpectedly kiss her in order to shut her up. This scene is witnessed by Fang Wei, who has finally gathered up his courage to pursue Xia Tian. These two good friends, Fang Wei and Ah Jiang, soon have their relationship once again put to a test. Early in the morning, everyone gathers at Sunny Haunted House to watch over Kong Long while he cleans the place up.

Kong Long is scared out of his wits and runs away. Everyone goes separate ways and swears to catch Kong Long. Xia Tian notices that something is stirring in the bush behind the haunted house. She leaps over and unexpectedly catches Grey Wolf instead. A gun falls out of Grey Wolf's pocket. Is this the same gun as the one Officer Xia is missing? Xia Tian is quick but she is not strong enough, so would she be able to capture Grey Wolf? Or would Ah Jiang and Fang Wei show up just in time to help?

Episode 8 Officer Xia used Xian Tian as Grey Wolf's daughter as a bet in hopes that Grey Wolf would soften his heart in the face of valuing kinship and let go of Xian Tian, who is being held at gunpoint.

Ah Jiang, Fang Wei and Bulu, who have been childhood companions with Xia Tian and grew up together with her, are all staring at the scene in front of them speechless.

Grey Wolf is startled by the sudden movement and the bullet shoots right at Ah Jiang. During the surgery in the operation room, one of Ah Jiang's arteries bursts and his heart stops beating. With the collaboration of all the doctors and Ah Jiang's own persisting determination, Ah Jiang is admitted into the intensive care unit and placed under a hour observation period.

However, in a flash, Ah Jiang is able to get up from bed and when he returns home, he actually sees his grandmother, who has died many years ago.

What is this trying to foretell? When he returns to the hallway at the hospital, he sees a grieving Xia Tian. Xia Tian's strong appearance could no longer hide her distraught emotions. When she looks at the first birthday present that Ah Jiang gave her, she reminisces about each and every detailed memory that she has growing up with Ah Jiang.

May everything go as you wish! May all your wishes come true! Xia Tian decides to go and look for autumn fireflies and hopes that her blessings for Ah Jiang would be able to come true. However, the farm that is in her memories unexpectedly turns out to be a barren land. Not willing to give up so easily, Xia Tian goes poking around. Out of nowhere, a dog suddenly barks and chases her. Xia Tian panics and climbs over the wall of someone's house.

A handsome young guy holds up a gun to stop her. Episode 9 It's a miracle! It is Ah Jiang and also Xia Tian's wish not to give up on life. Ah Jiang and Xia Tian passed by the gates of death which caused their relationship to deepen even more. Fang Wei gives them his sincere blessings and withdraws from the fight over Xia Tian. His conflict with Ah Jiang comes to an end and their brotherly friendship is once again on steady grounds.

Ah Jiang will be released from the hospital soon. Xiao Hui is scared and does not dare to face everyone.

chen qiao en relationship test

Everyone forgives Xiao Hui and Grey Wolf. On the side, Councilor Kong is surprised to realize that the gun that Kong Long picked up is actually Officer Xia's gun. This is a really serious matter. Let's see how Councilor Kong will use this information against everyone! Xu's house to return his coat and also to express her gratitude. Xu is not home. At the moment, he is actually at a baseball field meeting with a few Thai people over a drug deal.

After Officer Xia and Xiao Gu find out the news, they surrounded the baseball field. Yet at the most crucial moment, the criminals were able to escape. Will Officer Xia's missing gun incident be exposed at this time? Xu really a mob boss or does he have another identity?

Will Ah Jiang and Xia Tian immediately get into the romantic and sweet life of a prince and princess after their life and death experience? Episode 10 Officer Xia and Xiao Gu failed in their duty to capture the drug dealers and have been ordered to report back to the Police Bureau Investigation Unit. Councilor Kong was trying to be smart but he actually helped Officer Xia to regain the gun that he has lost instead. At that time, Officer Xia temporarily gave shelter to D.