Entity relationship diagram kepegawaian


entity relationship diagram kepegawaian

library usage/business rules and policies, entity relationship model, logical data models as well as the Keywords: Database, E-R Model, Logical data model, Library, Library Information System (LIS) database schema. Sistem Informasi Kepegawaian Berbasis Web pada Unit Pelaksana Teknis (UPT). Pengertian UML Unified Modeling Language (UML) Sistem Informasi Kepegawaian Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). Flow Diagrams (DFD), Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), and perform input and output design and plan implementation of the proposed.

Wider recruitment efforts were not all that was needed. Examination and selection instruments had to be reexamined and modified. Traditional personnel practitioners sometimes resisted such change as a political challenge to the civil service process. The author of a widely used public personnel text, O. It is a negation of both the constitution and the mores of a free societe For Stahl and his cohorts, the requirements of an affirmative action program were political tests imposed on a professional system that had functioned according to the strictures of merit.

The methods designed to ensure meritorious selection had been developed early in the twentieth century. Selection methods adopted long ago had become ends in themselves rather than the means to hire the best workforce. Whatever the pros and cons of affirmative action. Sinceminorities and women have increased their presence in public workforces at all governmental levels.

This greater diversity in workforce composition has brought symbolic as well as actual benefits to various communities. Nonetheless, politicians and citizens alike have continued to question both the methods and goals of affirmative action.

Krislov and Rosenbloom Many have said that they would have gotten the job except that the agency had to hire a woman or an African American. However, one might ask how public workforces would look if affirmative action had not exi sted. Details from the report from the U. Commission on Civil Rights, as well as the perusal of many EEO-4 forms collected by the federal government from cities and states, would lead us to believe that more representative public work- forces would not have been realized without affirmative action.

In the late s, California and Texas removed affirmative action considerations from student selection at their public universities. Conflict over the issue of workforce representation is certain to continue: A material good emanating from government is at stake.

Hiring once again has become part of political agendas although partisan favoritism is not an issue in this instance. Public personnel officials also have had to grapple with the issue of comparable worth. Jobs traditionally occupied by women often had been classified at lower rungs on the pay scale than jobs held predominantly by men, which sometimes required less formal training.

The findings are not always clear- cut. Aaron and Lougy For them, that is only part of the problem. In either case, the standard operating procedures developed by personnel professionals did not mitigate inequality based on gender; they contributed to it.

Public personnel professionals will have to grapple with the question of equal access to jobs as well as equity in compensation and benefits.

entity relationship diagram kepegawaian

However, given the nations federal system affirmative action in public employment may become a moot question in some states. It also means that seniority becomes a criterion for career advancement—a nonmerit criterion.

Kennedy gave union organizing a heads-up in with his executive order that affected federal employees Keamey, Prior to that time, unionization had occurred in certain locations, such as cities with highly organized private sectors—New York, San Francisco, and Detroit.

Federal employee unions have been particularly active in the area of disciplinary actions and concerns about working conditions.

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The interests of the state can come into conflict with the actions of organized workers. To the alarm of man police officers and firefighters have gone on strike. For example, protective services workers walked off the job simultaneously in San Francisco for several days in Perrhaps the most memorable labor dispute involved federal air-traffic controllers who walked off the job in President Reagan responded by firing all the strikers and de- certifying their union Kearne Public sector labor unions will continue to present challenges to public personnel administrators.

Unions may intercede in the promotion process, stressing the importance of seniority as a deciding factor. Labor activity also may not be congruent with pressures for affirmative action. In any case, the presence of publ ic unions expands the personnel playing field, drawing in higher ranking executives and possibly legislators. Union activity challenges traditional civil service authority and merit-system practices.

Unions present a political, although not necessarily a partisan. In many parts of the count ry, public employee unions are a force to be reckoned with because of their alliances with elected officials and other unions.

It was no accident that Franklin D. He avoided turning his programs over to existing bureaus that could smother his initiatives amidst their standard operating procedures. The bureaucratic desire for autonomy, along with adherence to the familiar means of operation, can weaken innovation emanating from the chief executive. Conservative presidents such as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan feared the purported liberalism of federal employees, a liberalism that could damage their new conservative policies.

He argued for political control of the bureaucracy and offered advice on how to accomplish that. President Reagan had a similar desire to ensure loyalty to his policies and his conservative vision.

It certainly added a clear political dimension to hirings and promotions. Both Nixon and Reagan felt that public servants should demonstrate a fealty to their presidential program initiatives and political philosophy as well as competence in performing their casks. Yet, the question still lingers as to whether bureaucrats will subvert policy on ideological grounds. It is probably more useful to discuss certain other traits of bureaus. It is often the tendency of bureaucracies in the United States to carve out their own niche and develop their own carefully guarded modus operandi, without any ideological underpinning.

At times, bureaus develop powerful allies among legislators and interest groups. American governmental institutions- namely separation of powers and checks and balances—create an adversarial political culture Wilson, Public employees, hired through some variant of the civil service process, respond to the organizational culture in which they find thems elves placed. Responsiveness generally depends on the incentives available to bureaucrats in their work milieu. The question remains though for any top official, be it president, governor, or mayor, of how to ensure that the policy he or she supports is implemented as intended.

For many involved in public personnel administration, the conundrum becomes attempting to foster responsiveness without subjecting civil servants to ideological litmus tests that would change every four or eight years. Even so, such tests probably would pale in importance to the institutional factors determining performance and outcomes. The Civil Service Reform Act of tried to address the issue of responsiveness at the federal level.

Those in the highest ranks of federal service were to be ranked in-person instead of by position. It was hoped that those in the SES would be moved amongst the federal cabinet-level departments and agencies serving as managerial experts.

entity relationship diagram kepegawaian

Presidents were permitted to add their own appointees to join the careerists in the SES. Such political appointments were to be limited to only 10 percent of the totaL SES members would be eligible to receive merit pay. Implementation of these features of the Civil Service Reform Act did not carry with them resources sufficient to bring about the anticipated result of greater responsiveness.

The quest for a more responsive workforce will continue. The answer may not necessarily lie in personnel practices alone but also in the nature of American institutions and the political culture they enable. The reforms set in place decades ago were at the core moral reforms Moshcr.

These reforms were intended to eradicate the evils of machine politics and to place government on a sound managerial footing. In recent times, traditional personnel practices in recruitment, selection, and promotion have been subject to attack. Public workers organized to increase their pay. Courts and legislatures and presidents also intruded into public personnel decision making to answer the overdue need for greater representation by minority groups and women on the public payroll.

A pair of presidents also tried to exert greater authority over policy implementation because of their distrust of a purportedly liberal federal workforce. These various challenges, all arising afterapplied political tests that threatened the structure of merit the Progressives had assembled. Certain sacrosanct ways of operating had to be adapted to a different reality. The historic strugle between good and evil, between principles and politics, bec ame far more complex and challenging.

In the s, additional questions came to the fore. Practitioners and scholars alike questioned the efficacy of civil service systems to hire and maintain a competent workforce.

Reinvention gurus Osborne and Gaebler A typical Progressive reform, civil service was a well-intended effort to control specific abuses: In most places, it accomplished its goals. Designed for a government of clerks, civil service became a straitjacket in an era of knowledge workers M ost of what civil service procedures were established to prevent has since been ruled illegal or made impossible by collective bargaining agreements.

Yet, the control mentality lives on, creating a gridlock chat turns public management into the art of the impossible. Osborne and Gaebler These indude hiring the highest scorer on test without consideration of other factors, the slow pace of the hiring process which can allow the most able candidates to find other positions, classification schemes that do not allow for performance, pay structures based on longevity, and the difficulties involved with trying to terminate a nonperforming employee.

To these, one may add losing a competent employee because a posibon cannot be reclassified or because of the length of time needed to fill vacancies. In St Louis several years ago, temporary summer employees who worked in city parks and recreation programs were not available to work until weeks after the date of hire desired by parks superiors. Grass was not cut and sports fields were nor maintaned because of cumbersome hiring and testing procedures.

The irony here is that such workers are needed every year at the same time and delays continued to occur despite the initial problems.

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Osborne and Gaebler and their adherents advocate a complete redesign of public personnel systems to increase flexibility in hiring, promoting, and compensating employees.

In fact the Civil Service Reform Act of did move toward those objectives albeit haltingly and incompletely by, for example, moving federal hiring decisions to individual departments and agencies. The fear of possible politicization remains palpable for many in the personnel field and for some in the public at large.

The evil of politics and the need for control because of that evil have been part of the lexicon for over years. Yet, the need for change or at least a modification in standard practices has become evident to many. At a minimum, civil service structures are frequently cumbersome and can impede the work of managers.

At the same time, reforms proposed by advocates of reinvention can boomerang if applied in wholesale fashion in every locale and especially in those with less reformed practices. Louis, mentioned earlier, is a classic example of fragmented ward-based machine politics. Its municipal hiring is a combination of merit and politics. However if testing were limited and selection delegated to city department heads to a greater degree than at present eliminating the rule of threethe broader field of candidates might well become a broader field of political favorites Stein, In an unreformed jurisdiction such as St.

Before embarking on any changes, the pros and cons need to be evaluated within the context of a machine politics city. Little doubt remains in the minds of most key administrators and scholars that practices devised to hire the best employees in bygone times need to be reevaluated. When the seemingly most qualified job candidates may be lost to govermmiental service because of untimely delays and antiquated procedures, change becomes inevitable.

However, traditionalists may resist such change because of their desire for continued autonomy and because of a dislike of disruption of established routine. Given the myriad number of governments in the United States, each with particular institutions and culture, such homogeneity in remedy can be a prescription for further disasters.

This is not to say that there is no transferability in personnel reform. Rather, it is a caution to those who would prefer reinventing in like manner everywhere. Remedies need to fit the environment in which they are placed. Vice President Al Gore led the charge to reinvent our national government during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

The reinventions he spearheaded tended to achieve cost savings due to attrition and downsizing Ketd, In regard to the federal civil service, Kettl finds the record a mixed one. The Clinton administration continued the devolution of personnel functions to the departments. Sometimes, latter day reformers discard the baby with the bath water. In addition to reform being sensitive to individual institutional environments, reform should remain an exercise in trial and error.

Change does not necessarily occur in the manner intended. Although Wildavsky found that government was not an ideal self-evaluating mechanism, there is a lesson here. The private sector is but an imperfect model. Further, reforms are suggested solutions, not icons whose utility is guaranteed without a shadow of a doubt. Yet, the nature of complex organizations makes experiment in personnel issues or otherwise unlikely. And, problem and solution fall into the political sphere.

The various debates about personnel practices demonstrate that the dichotomy between politics and merit has truly not been bridged in over a century and is indicative of wider debates about American governance. In the early part of the twentieth century, the adoption of the merit system at many governmental levels was viewed as a triumph of good over evil. As such, it was difficult to view it as a means that could be modified over time as government and society changed.

The old fears instead became shibboleths and reinforced practice. Modifications to merit rules were seen by many as a means to restore the corruption of an earlier era. Civil rights, labor rights, and the need for accountability and responsiveness have forced certain changes in public personnel administration.

These changes have not yet been accepted in all quarters. In some locations, means—traditional practices—have become ends. In the United States, politics and government itself are frequently viewed as necessary evils.

American institutions have given rise to governmental fragmentation and political parties have been weak, certainly by European standards. Yet, the debate over modernization of personnel structures can be obscured by old myths and the residue from battles fought long ago.

entity relationship diagram kepegawaian

Osborne and Gacbler are correct in decrying the ever-evident struggle for control rather than effectiveness in public personnel management. But, change comes only with difficulty and even then may not take into account the tremendous variability in governance beyond the federal level. Politics and the public personnel process may well be viewed as opposing forces for years to come. The normative dimensions of institutional arrangements are not always acknowkledged because of the history of public administration and personnel practice in the United States.

If scholars, practitioners, or citizens continue to look at structures as all or nothing, or as good or evil, adaptation to changing needs and technology will remain problematic. Louis Proses personil umum di Amerika Serikat adalah politik.

Ini adalah bagian dari siapa mendapat apa dari pemerintah. Namun, tradisionalis dalam personil flield Aver bahwa hubungan antara politik dan personil praktek adalah sebuah oxymoron. Mereka melihat administrasi dan politik sebagai entitas yang terpisah. Bagi mereka, prestasi adalah alat ukur dengan mana keputusan personil harus dibuat dan penggunaan kriteria lain merusak proses. Bab ini akan mengeksplorasi akar sejarah pemisahan politik dari administrasi kepegawaian.

Kemudian menilai interaksi politik dalam praktek personil kontemporer dengan melihat perekrutan dan faring, tenaga kerja diwakili oleh jenis kelamin dan ras, dan peran perundingan bersama di sektor publik. Akhirnya, upaya oleh presiden baru-baru ini menggunakan janji untuk memastikan kompatibilitas ideologis dalam cabang eksekutif akan mewakili twist modem politik dan proses personil.

Penolakan politik dalam administrasi personil publik memiliki akar kelembagaan dan budaya. Bahkan, ketidakpercayaan Amerika pemerintahan dan politik kembali ke zaman revolusi.

Ketidakpercayaan itu menjadi lebih nyata pada paruh terakhir abad kesembilan belas. Sementara bangsa tumbuh pesat, metode- metode pemerintahan tetap sangat canggih di setiap tingkat. Korupsi dalam bentuk suap, manfaat dari pengetahuan insider, dan penyuapan langsung yang jauh dari biasa. Reformis, berkumpul di bawah payung Progresif, berusaha untuk menggantikan tidak efisien dan, di kali, praktik buruk politik mesin dengan sistem berbasis ilmiah yang akan menjamin tenaga kerja yang kompeten dan efisien.

Progresif, untuk sebagian besar, adalah reformis perkotaan menengah atas atau kelas atas. Mereka kelahiran asli Protestan kulit putih yang tidak mendapatkan keuntungan dari mesin dan ingin melihat orang-orang seperti mereka di pemerintahan bukan imigran baru. Ini adalah dari pemikir progresif bahwa konsep dikotomi antara politik dan administrasi muncul.

Setelah semua, noire bete mereka adalah partai politik dan politik pada umumnya dan beberapa reformasi mereka sengaja melemahkan partai-partai politik di Amerika Serikat. Ironisnya, bagaimanapun, aturan yang mereka dirancang untuk menjaga terhadap noda kasih politik di bidang personalia sering tidak rekan di dunia bisnis.

Sampai hari ini, mereka yang tertarik dalam reformasi pemerintah terus melihat ke sektor swasta untuk jawaban sebanyak Progresif lakukan. Bagian lain dari warisan Progresif adalah ketidakpercayaan terus politik dan politisi oleh publik Amerika. Hari ini, administrasi kepegawaian publik tetap diidentifikasi dengan layanan-sipil sistem berbasis prestasi.

Namun, perjalanan waktu telah mengungkapkan bahwa prinsip-prinsip progresif dirancang untuk mengatur seleksi karyawan tidak berubah. Bahkan, mereka telah terbukti tidak proporsional mendukung kelompok-kelompok masyarakat tertentu. Meskipun beberapa masih percaya pada sistem tenaga ternoda oleh pertimbangan politik, yang lain mengakui bahwa perangkat peraturan yang berbeda menyebabkan hasil yang berbeda.

Bagaimana pelayanan publik yang netral dalam hal politik dan yang dilindungi responsif terhadap publik yang menyatakan keinginannya melalui mesin pemilu, partai politik, dan kelompok-kelompok kepentingan dapat? Awalnya, reformasi dimasukkan ke dalam tempat oleh Progresif mengakibatkan penggantian imigran dan anak-anak mereka di gaji publik dengan kelas menengah atas kelahiran asli Protestan putih Hays: The Progresif adalah reformis struktural yang menyadari dan diinginkan bahwa perubahan kelembagaan mereka akan menghasilkan prosedur yang berbeda dan pemain yang berbeda.

Skema mereka klasifikasi, pengujian, dan Nil tiga memiliki tujuan ganda, menghilangkan sistem rampasan dan mengubah komposisi tenaga kerja. Adopsi aturan operasi baru mereka tidak mencegah diskriminasi terhadap perempuan, Afrika Amerika, dan kelompok-kelompok elit non lainnya. Reformasi progresif tentu berkurang mempekerjakan teman-teman politik tanpa kualifikasi yang diperlukan.

Tapi, struktur personel yang rumit berdasarkan prestasi tidak mencegah inefisiensi atau disfungsi birokrasi. Bahkan, struktur ini mungkin telah berkontribusi untuk ini sangat masalah.

DFD Sistem Kepegawaian

Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, solusi baru untuk kekurangan administrasi kepegawaian publik telah kembali telah dicari dalam ranah privat. Beberapa praktisi dan kritikus terus menjauhkan diri dari politik dalam administrasi. Namun, administrasi kepegawaian publik dan administrasi publik pada umumnya merupakan bagian dari proses politik Amerika.

Dengan demikian, mereka terikat untuk menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan dari ekuitas dan efektivitas dan harus bekerja dengan banyak kepentingan yang memiliki kepentingan dalam program publik di Amerika Serikat. Melalui diskusi mempekerjakan kontemporer publik, birokrasi perwakilan, pengorganisasian tenaga kerja, serta reformasi dan penciptaan kembali sektor publik, personil publik muncul sebagai bagian dari wilayah yang lebih luas dari pemerintahan dan politik yang menembus pemerintahan yang.

Menemukan orang terbaik untuk pekerjaan itu hanyalah salah satu objektif praktik personel publik yang tidak dan tidak bisa eksis dalam isolasi. Praktek bervariasi oleh departemen di semua tingkat pemerintahan dan mereka juga bervariasi kota kota dan negara oleh negara. Bentuk politik dan budaya politik bergabung untuk membentuk sifat rekrutmen dan seleksi dan pengakuan hak-hak tawar.

Politik tidak memainkan tangan yang sama di setiap yurisdiksi tetapi hadir dalam beberapa bentuk. Kebanyakan yurisdiksi pemerintah menyewa sesuai dengan ajaran umum dari sebuah sistem merit. Pada tingkat federal dan di sebagian besar kota-kota besar ada layanan sipil.

Negara dan kabupaten telah datang kemudian ke lipatan pahala dan beberapa pekerjaan patronase masih di lokasi yang tersebar. Di kota-kota tertentu di mana politik mesin telah berhasil bertahan, aturan dan peraturan pegawai negeri sering telah beroperasi bersama- sama dengan pengaruh politik pada perekrutan. Sebagai contoh, pada tahun Philaladelphia mulai beroperasi berdasarkan anggaran dasar baru yang disediakan untuk komisi pegawai negeri independen departemen operasi.

Namun, skema klasifikasi kaku Philadelphia'S benar-benar ditumbangkan niat manfaatnya. Sesuai dengan moralitas yang melekat dalam Amerika personil adminisnation, Shafritz St Louis juga memiliki aturan kepegawaian yang ketat. Aturan-aturan ini menjadi bagian dari piagam kota ketika pemilih, agak mengejutkan, mengadopsi sistem merit ketat pada tahun Meskipun penambahan pegawai negeri, St. Louis tetap benteng politik lingkungan faksi.

Meskipun Piagam mengatur pengujian untuk setiap posisi dan aturan tiga untuk pemilihan, serta larangan terhadap pengaruh politik dalam keputusan personil, hibrida aneh telah muncul. Di St Louis, setelah calon karyawan telah diuji dan peringkat, pejabat terpilih sering menyediakan surat rekomendasi kepada pihak menunjuk biasanya kepala departemen.

Jika rekomendasi ini dari walikota atau dari ketua komite aldermanic mengawasi departemen itu, pilihan menyewa adalah mudah. Di St Louis, anggota dewan kota disebut aldermen.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Tutorial - Part 2

Sebagai salah satu pejabat terpilih mengatakan, "Anda mengambil calon yang telah menunjukkan kualifikasi dan juga teman-teman baik ditempatkan" Stein, Walikota juga mengganggu dalam proses ini. Biasanya, itu adalah untuk posisi yang lebih senior tapi kadang-kadang kepala departemen diminta Co menunjuk seorang teman or'someone walikota kakak ipar. Banyak kepala departemen yang ditunjuk walikota; mereka "pergi bersama untuk bergaul" ketika diminta untuk menyewa individu tertentu. Dipolitisasi prestasi di St Louis tidak menyentuh setiap perekrutan tapi kota itu tidak biasa baik.

Tentunya di kota-kota lain, kabupaten, negara, dan di tingkat federal, yang Anda tahu dapat mempengaruhi kesempatan Anda untuk dipekerjakan atau dipromosikan juga. Grosir patronase, di sisi lain, tampaknya telah mati di atas bara mesin Richard J.

entity relationship diagram kepegawaian

Daley memiliki sekitar Bahkan sebelum kematiannya pada tahun Namun, kemampuannya untuk membuang patronase dibatasi oleh tingkat pengadilan. Pada tahunMichael Shakrnan "mengajukan gugatan menantang konstitusionalitas sistem patronase Chicago" Freedman Shakman menuduh bahwa "pegawai pemerintah diminta untuk bekerja untuk mesin dan menyumbangkan sebagian dari gaji mereka ke dada perang mesin" Freedman Dengan gugatan di Pengadilan Banding AS, Walikota Daley dan pejabat lainnya mengadakan penilaian persetujuan pada tahun yang melarang penghentian untuk tujuan politik.

Organisasi Demokratik Cook County melemah sistem patronase Chicago karena melarang penggantian grosir pekerja ketika ada pergantian di antara pejabat terpilih. Pada tahundi Elrod v. Bunts, Mahkamah Agung Amerika Serikat memasuki penemuan yang sangat mirip. Mahkamah Agung mengklarifikasi keputusannya lebih lanjut dalam Brantivu. Finkel pada tahunyang menyatakan bahwa pemecatan karyawan patronase dapat terjadi hanya ketika afiliasi partai merupakan syarat yang sesuai pekerjaan.

Harold Washington, pertama walikota Afrika Amerika Chicago, berlari untuk itu dari fice sebagai seorang reformis. Namun, ia harus menghadapi tenaga kerja kota sebagian besar bermusuhan ketika ia memangku jabatan. Setelah berkampanye melawan patronase, ia tidak bisa mencoba untuk menentang struktur Shakman. Walikota Washington, meskipun, seperti banyak walikota dan eksekutif terpilih, menemukan membiarkan kontrak menjadi cara lain untuk dukungan politik menguntungkan atau mendorong Freedman.

Pengadilan kemudian menambahkan keterbatasan lebih perekrutan politik. Republik, bahwa loyalitas politik tidak bisa menjadi tes untuk mempekerjakan atau promosi kecuali kepentingan pemerintah menarik juga disajikan. Keputusan pengadilan kemudian dapat digunakan untuk membatasi perlindungan di kedua ujungnya: Politik elektoral memainkan peran yang kurang signifikan dalam proses pemerintahan personil daripada itu satu abad yang lalu atau bahkan empat dekade yang lalu.

Seleksi berbasis prestasi umumnya mendominasi banyak sistem tenaga publik. Namun, beberapa bentuk politik mempengaruhi banyak aspek lain dari fungsi personil terkait, meskipun menyewa teman politik tidak masuk ke dalam gambar.

Pertimbangan lain yang berasal dari peradilan, eksekutif, atau legislatif telah membawa publ administrasi kepegawaian ic luar batas awalnya sempit. Keinginan untuk tenaga kerja yang representatif dan permintaan untuk perundingan bersama tidak mudah sesuai dengan model merit system tradisional dibuat oleh progresif.

Selain itu, kebutuhan eksekutif untuk memastikan respon kebijakan dari birokrasi mereka juga menciptakan tantangan baru bagi para profesional personil yang telah lama dianut kebutuhan akan pegawai negeri terdepolitisasi.

BIROKRASI merepresentasikan Metode personil tradisional recruitiing, mempekerjakan, dassifying, dan mempromosikan individu menghasilkan tenaga kerja laki-laki sebagian besar putih di sektor publik. Prosedur operasi standar profesi tenaga umum yang tidak bertanggung jawab untuk hasil tersebut.

entity relationship diagram kepegawaian

Bias hadir di semua bidang kehidupan Amencan juga mengadakan pengambilan keputusan personil. Norma-norma sosial yang lebih besar membantu untuk menentukan kesesuaian kelompok tertentu untuk pekerjaan tertentu. Bab VII dari Undang Hak Sipil tahun melarang diskriminasi kerja berdasarkan ras, agama, jenis kelamin, atau asal kebangsaan.

Cacat dan usia ditambahkan dengan persyaratan tindakan dalam undang-undang nanti. Perintah presiden selanjutnya penerima diperlukan dana-swasta atau publik-"untuk menghapus semua hambatan, namun tidak resmi atau halus federal yang mencegah akses oleh minoritas atau perempuan untuk kerja Benokraitis dan Feagin, Negara dan pemerintah daerah yang tidak tercakup oleh Undang-Undang atau perintah presiden yang menciptakan tindakan alternatif sampai diberlakukannya Equal Employment Opportunity Act of Kurangnya representasi kelompok minoritas dan perempuan dalam pekerjaan publik didokumentasikan pada tahun dan an.

Pada awal an, hanya 4,5 persen dari karyawan di kelas GS dan di atas adalah kulit putih dan hanya 3 persen adalah perempuan. Rodgers dan Bullock Mereka menyatakan bahwa "pemerintah daerah berlatih banyak tindakan diskriminatif yang sama ditemukan di industri swasta. Pada tahunsebuah studi oleh Komisi AS tentang Hak Sipil juga menggambarkan kurangnya representasi minoritas di pemerintah daerah, khususnya di layanan perlindungan.

Perintah affirmative action federal yang berarti bahwa sebagian besar pengusaha publik harus mengambil langkah-langkah untuk melihat bahwa tenaga kerja mereka mencerminkan distribusi anggota kelompok minoritas dan perempuan di pasar tenaga kerja daerah. Dalam rangka usaha untuk meningkatkan keterwakilan tersebut. Perubahan ini untuk latihan personil lama tidak seragam disambut oleh para profesional personil atau oleh beberapa pejabat dan anggota publ ic umum.

Rekrutmen adalah daerah yang paling mudah untuk mengatasi. Sebagai Thompson setan didemonstrasikan dalam deskripsi tentang Pemadam Kebakaran Oakland, mempekerjakan peluang yang diiklankan melalui jaringan anak berusia baik tradisional. Kolam renang calon mengandung teman, kerabat, dan tetangga dari petugas pemadam kebakaran yang ada.

Dengan memperluas perekrutan jaringan menghubungi banyak lembaga dan kelompok, iklan di surat kabar minoritas, dan mengambil perekrut untuk lingkungan Afrika Amerika misalnya-kolam calon dapat meningkatkan untuk mencerminkan keragaman yang lebih besar pada populasi Stein dan Condrey, Upaya perekrutan yang lebih luas tidak semua yang diperlukan. Instrumen pemeriksaan dan seleksi harus dikaji ulang dan dimodifikasi. Praktisi tenaga tradisional kadang-kadang menolak perubahan seperti tantangan politik untuk proses pelayanan sipil.

Penulis banyak digunakan teks personel publik, O. Terdapat dua sumber data yaitu server yang berisi data transaksi dan penjualan, dan CRM Customer Relationship Management server yang berisi data mengenai konsumen yang membeli produk. Pendekatan yang kami lakukan, kami melakukan model konseptual ke dalam tiga level, yaitu: Menunjukkan skema star dari model konseptual multidimensional data. Ketergantungan antara dua package pada level ini menunjukkan bahwa skema star sedikitnya berbadi satu dimensi, memperlihatkan kepada kita mengenai conformed dimensions.

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Di dalam contoh yang kami gunakan level pertama ini menunjukkan satu package yang bernama Auto-sales schema. Dalam gambar 7, kami menunjukkan level kedua dari DWCS.

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