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four pentacles tarot relationship

4 of pentacles as relationship outcome Using Tarot Cards. Look for the Four of Pentacles to appear in your Tarot reading. This is Learn more about the connection that the Four of Pentacles shares with the other cards . Four of Pentacles meaning. Four of Pentacles Description and Symbolism You two are the type that love being in the relationship zone.

He will hold on and hold out until the very last. He views everything as possessions; those he already owns and those that he desires to own. When he does find himself a partner no doubt he will view her as a possession too and possibly exert control over her every move. One thing is certain though, and that is, he will know more about her than she will ever know about him.

Traditionally this card also referred to blocked drains and constipation!!! With few friends and very little in his life except money and possessions I do hope that the sun continues to shine for him and that he continues to be successful. All in all, The Four of Pentacles is a very positive and welcome card in financial readings for it speaks of financial stability, security and success.

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Students heave a sigh of relief, for this card, when upright, brings success in exams. Commitment to ongoing study ensures that all knowledge learned is retained. Money has always been a big issue with you and no one can accuse you of being wasteful but the pressure is off.

4 of pentacles in a relationship question

Where money is concerned you are secure and not just for today or for tomorrow but the long-term financial situation looks stable too. You have plenty to go around so stop worrying and enjoy yourself a bit more.

They say that money is no good unless you can spend it, and a certain amount of this is true. Having money does not mean that you must spend it all, but certainly it should be giving you some comfort in life, and not kept under tight guard all the time.

Your fridge may be overly-stocked on the basis that you will never go hungry again, or empty because you fear wasting money on items you may not get to eat. What are you holding onto or holding out for? What do you think is so rightly yours?

What are you afraid of, if you do let go? What does letting go of it mean to you? Is what you are holding onto making you happy? Is it worth all your energy? Are you being asked to let go of it by someone else or is the call from within? Do you fear the changes it will bring to your life or are you prepared to take a risk? The Four of Pentacles is a positive and welcome card for savings, investments or retirement plans. It indicates that you are accumulating goods, wealth and possibly even power.

What is it that you have been saving hard for? The Four of Pentacles tells assure you that you have the money for it and a little more besides. You may now wish to be your own boss, and very importantly, set your own boundaries. Setting boundaries is very strongly linked to The Four of Pentacles.

You may be building walls around your self to control who has access to you or not, in an attempt to safeguard your privacy or assets. You know exactly what you are doing and how to go about it. You must be careful not to let this sense of power go to your head and become full of your own importance. You may cut yourself off from those who have helped you along the way. You may need to call on their help some day. The Four of Pentacles suggests that you may now be in a position to accumulate assets or possessions.

You might be setting up a business or even several. Whatever it is you are doing, your reputation is steadily building and you are in high demand. The Four of Pentacles suggests you have the Midas Touch at the moment. This is a card for success and success building upon success. The presence of the Four of Pentacles may indicate that you are trying to hold onto something or declare ownership. You may be involved in a legal case look for Swords cards where there is a dispute over land, business or property that you see to be rightfully yours.

You will be guarded and constantly on the lookout for those who are trying to take it away. When this card appears upright it would suggest that you will be able to hold onto it. A lot of tension will go with this situation.

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Along with Financial security, the Four of Pentacles is linked to rigidity and control. You may have a habit of keeping everything and everyone in order around you. You may have become out-dated in your ideas and behaviour but dig your heels in regardless, becoming very obstinate and opposed to change. On the other hand, you may feel terribly blocked from making progress in life. You may be stubbornly holding onto a situation or position that no longer serves your best interests.

Maybe it is time to let go. It can be a sign that you have been neglecting friends or family by being mean with your time, resources or money. Your busy life might be getting in the way rather than any nasty intentions, so no need to feel guilty if this is the case.

It can be a sign of being self-centred when all you can think about is yourself and your needs. You have more than you can cope with but you are afraid to let go, or refuse to. Such meanness of spirit will block your heart and turn you cold. You can also have a habit of keeping yourself to yourself when The Four of Pentacles appears.

Privacy may be extremely important to you or it could be, that you feel people will be looking for something from you if you let them get too friendly.

You may be trying to protect yourself from the demands of family and friends. There could be someone you know who could do with some financial help, yet you fail to make even a token gesture.

It can suggest a partner who is more concerned with material things than the relationship. They could be spending too much time at work even when it is unnecessary. He or she may be looked on as the possession of their partner who dictates to them what to wear, where they go and who they see. Remember that this is a Stage Card and the couple in question may give the outward appearance of being happy and loving but it may be very different behind closed doors.

There can be hidden bank accounts. You may appear to have everything but inside feel empty and alone in the relationship. You may be trying to keep up with wealthy friends and neighbours, especially if one partner is financially and career ambitious.

This may not be your background or the people you would choose to live next to.

four pentacles tarot relationship

Everything they have is going into their savings account, leaving little for anything else. They may be saving to get to get married, buy a house or even set up a business.

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They will certainly reach their goal as planned and on time. As a couple you may be very self-sufficient and do not need to rely on others around you to make you happy. You may keep to yourselves and closely guard your privacy. It suggests a A financially successful business which is growing steadily and is stable and secure.

A lot of hard work has gone into the establishing of this business and it shows. The market has been researched well and the staff highly qualified and well-trained. It can suggest the building of an empire.

Success building upon success as the orders flow in. This will be a very work-oriented company with little time for sitting around and chatting, so you will find that everyone keeps their head down and gets on with their job. The people who own this business live and breathe it and will expect their staff to do likewise. You could very well end up well-paid but terribly frustrated and bored. You could be working in a family business and feel that it is time for your parent or parents to hand over the reins of power to you, but they stubbornly hold on regardless.

They refuse to retire or take a less active role in the business. They will hold on until the bitter end. You may be saving to establish your own business.

There is a great sense of ambition here and strong determination.

four pentacles tarot relationship

Take care not to get too rigid with your business plans. Be open to outside ideas. It is the moment of "I am too good for you". Apart from this, if the Four of Pentacles represents the relationship itself then it means that it is having a smooth sailing. As a matter of fact, it contains all the factors that create a strong bond between two lovers. Love, security, understanding and healthy flow of communication are some of the examples.

Reversed Four of Pentacles is definitely not a positive sign. In my past readings, this card reversed always showed a disagreement that was about to take between the two lovers.

The clients confirmed that when this disagreement took place in their relationships they completely lost control of themselves. All they could think of was how to express the wrath and frustration they had about their partners.

For the relationship itself, reversed Four of Pentacles is a bad news. In details, it implies that all the factors that create the smoothness in the relationship are fading.

four pentacles tarot relationship

If the couple does not make a point to fix it, a breakup becomes their only option. In cases related to people who are not open commitment, reversed Four of Pentacles is a dangerous sign. If you ask them whether they wish to take things to the next level they will just verbally abuse you. In fact, they might end up expressing why they think that you are not right for them.