Incapable of love but in a relationship

incapable of love but in a relationship

My only labeled relationship was my senior year of high school and it Love and desire are opposing forces, a paradox in which only one can. 10 Psychological issues that block the capacity to love and be loved Do you want to make others happy in relationships, but somehow always end her that I'm incapable of feeling love from others and feel love for others. Being in a relationship with a person who is incapable of love is one of the worst But below the level of conscious awareness they feel unloved, worthless and.

This is where I think those of us who know desire but struggle with love tend to run into issues. That whether desire is equated with immaturity or simply being human, we can learn how to choose love.

incapable of love but in a relationship

That we can find desire in new ways within love, if we consciously work at seeking out ways to be surprised by our partners and give them the space to do the same with us in return. Because the thing about choosing desire alone forever is that there will be an emptiness to our lives, a secret misery, that pulls and nags at us for the rest of our days.

Because desire, when really broken down into its true parts, is built on the very things that destroy love: It turns partners into objects and conquests, something to be collected and tamed. Perel says that we have to reconcile our two sets of needs if we want happy long-term relationships — if we want to be able to choose love. That essentially we have to find a way to settle the paradox, to figure out a space in which love and desire can coexist.

And I think the one and only way in which we can do this ends up cultivating the most beautiful, most rewarding kind of desire that exists. I subscribe to an idea that there is an energy or release in the exact center of the space where two dual or paradoxical events become one, the product of which is more powerful than each was on its own.

Love is powerful; desire is powerful. In the space where staying and going become one, there is a sense of security unlike any that either could offer on its own. It might be the only way to allow true novelty into our relationships after enough time has passed that we no longer expect it; it might be the only way to shift our perception to see the mysteries within us individually and the ones within our partners, no matter how well we think we know ourselves and them.

incapable of love but in a relationship

For those of us who fear destroying that desire by shifting into love — who fear losing our individuality by moving into togetherness — maybe what we most need to learn is how to feel security in letting the person we care about wander however far they need to, and how to have the gentleness and patience for them to know that they can always come back. Maybe we need to learn how to be that curious and ultimately homebound person ourselves. Maybe this is the only space in which we — the needy, the avoidant, and everything in between — can find ourselves finally capable of being in a relationship.

More From Thought Catalog. In the moment, we had so much love to give to one another, we ran it into the ground. We were smitten, swept away, bitten by the love bug, our hearts swelled as the summer sang along.

Things were dysfunctional yet filled with enough love to fill a lifetime. Neither one of us could ever muster up the strength to say goodbye.

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You can only deny the truth for so long. When we met she was months out of a broken engagement.

incapable of love but in a relationship

And then she met me. We fell head over heels like teenage possums. And the rest was something straight out of the movies.

Man, it was a love story. I write about relationships. But my problem is acting on my intuition. I wear my heart on my sleeve. When I love, I really love. While my rational mind might be inherently aware of the dysfunction, my heart will ignore those rational thoughts—the truth of the matter—because it has so much love to give to this person.

My heart has to shove all the rational thoughts to the curb to shut it up and allow the heart to do what it wants—love without a care in the world. Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free Even when it might not be the right thing to do, the heart is always the last to walk away.

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My problem is not mine alone. They have so much love to give and they have a hard time listening to rational thoughts when they become this deeply consumed by strong emotions.

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There are people sent to us in our life for distinct reasons, all of them uniquely different than the next. The heart pulls us in directions like a magnetic force.

incapable of love but in a relationship

Sometimes, this force can be a rocky pull, packed with hard lessons. The strongest relationships happen when two whole people meet and create even better versions of those two super full, complete people.

While they might be able to love for a while, eventually the weight of their brokenness will pull them to the ground, screaming at them to get out and deal with their shit.

incapable of love but in a relationship

Most broken people still have work to do before they can love someone in a healthy way. Sure, broken people can team up with secure, whole people to try and mend their wounds enough to get by.

What Happens When You Try to Love Someone Who is Broken

But true healing, true empowerment for this broken person comes from facing their brokenness head on. And for someone who is broken, who has potentially leaned on romantic relationships to help fill the empty space where their brokenness often resides, slowly rotting away, the prospect of facing their demons can be a daunting, luminous mountain that makes Mordor seem like a bunny hill full of sunshine.

A broken person dating a whole person can oftentimes lead to major turmoil, toxicity, and dysfunction.