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joe slaughter relationship quizzes

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joe slaughter relationship quizzes

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joe slaughter relationship quizzes

Joe as a character and will examine her importance to the novel as a whole. Joe is technically Pip's sister in Great Expectations, her role is that of a mother figure.

joe slaughter relationship quizzes

After the deaths of their parents, she takes on the responsibility of raising Pip up from his infancy. Sounds like a wonderful and selfless thing to do, right?

Joe is hardly a shining example of the nurturing mother. Let's take a closer look… Illustration of Mrs. Joe and Pip Physical Description Charles Dickens liked to have his characters' physical descriptions match their personalities, and Mrs. Joe is an example of this. We are introduced to her in Chapter 2 -- and she's no supermodel.

Great Expectations Ch. 8-12

In fact, it's quite an understatement when Pip says that she is 'not a good looking woman. Every day she wears the same thing - a hideous apron with pins and needles stuck into it.

What's more, her face is so red it looks like she has taken a grater to it. Joe quickly takes shape in the mind's eye of the reader, and it's not pretty!

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Primary Attributes By the end of chapter 2 you realize that Mrs. Joe's personality is just as ugly as her physical appearance. She's angry, tyrannical, and overly impressed by wealth. She resents having had to bring Pip up and tells him so, which is part of her verbal and emotional abuse. Her husband Joe is subject to the same abuse, as she continuously reminds him of the shame he brings her by being a lowly blacksmith. As if all that weren't bad enough, Mrs. Joe also physically abuses Pip whenever she gets mad, which is often.

Chapter 2 finds her on a 'rampage' as Joe calls it, looking for Pip.

joe slaughter relationship quizzes

When it gets really bad, Mrs. Joe resorts to using a cane, which has been christened 'Tickler,' to hit Pip The image of a red-faced Mrs. Joe wielding a cane is a scary one indeed for poor Pip. She's definitely vile, but Mrs. Joe does have some legitimate reasons to be so. She has had a hard life - she lost both her parents at a young age.

She has also had five brothers die.

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Her life has been filled with death and sadness. She also had to grow up very quickly when she started raising Pip in her early twenties, and she has the constant pressure to provide for him. Although this doesn't excuse her behavior, it does provide an explanation. Importance to the Novel Though a minor character, Mrs.