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Emilia Clarke talks about going out with GoT co-star Kit Harington It's still a mystery whether Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington have any sort of. Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington's characters on Game of Thrones linked Their real life relationship complicates the on-screen one between. Rather oddly given that they're related, fans are obsessed with the idea of Dany and Jon being a legitimate couple in real life.

That's a lot of award ceremonies to go to, speak at and look blissfully happy at.

Emilia Clarke & Kit Harington React to the Love Scene Behind The Scenes Game of Thrones S07 E07

Everyone wants to see Dany and Jon together in real life and luckily for us, they look like the most beautiful brunette couple on the planet. Especially dressed up to the nines. Harington's eyes and Clarke's radiant smile. I mean, can we just appreciate how painfully gorgeous their children would be? That's the crackle of undeniable electricity, emanating from your screen as you gaze longingly at this photograph. Probably taken at some sort of event or awards show where GoT swept the floor with the other shows, Kit manages to look every inch Jon Snow, all dark, brooding and beardy.

When photos first emerged of the star when the show aired, it caused quite the uproar. Isn't it amazing what fans expect of their stars? You just can't lose when Harington's in a suit and Clarke is in red lipstick. It's a little hard to swallow when you see your other half having more fun with someone who isn't you, isn't it? Okay, so Leslie is supposedly great friends with Clarke too - but, would you be happy to see your boyfriend giving his beautiful co-host a side-eye?

Clearly focused on the camera and questions being asked, we can't help but wonder, what was the joke, guys?

Pics of Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington That Rose Leslie Doesn't Want Us To See

Whatever it is, we want to be in on it. Look at the tenderness between the two would-be leaders of Westeros. This feature was back inbut bearing in mind Leslie and Harington supposedly got together inwe can only imagine her face when she opened this issue. Is there anything more romantic than two lover - sorry, co-stars - frolicking on the hillside?

Emilia Clarke: Game of Thrones star ‘coming back to get’ Kit Harrington’s wife Rose Leslie

We don't think so. Cue the wind blowing, giving us some wonderfully windswept hair-do's and we may as well be looking at star-crossed lovers Kathy and Heathcliff from Emily Bronte's romantic novel, Wuthering Heights.

We're not saying that's what happened here, but we can dream, right? That looks a lot like an empty bottle of Glenmorangie whiskey there, which isn't for the fainthearted. Note the tactfully placed hand of Kit's on Clarke's thigh.

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Could those dating rumors be true? In reality, it's probably just a shot of the two drinking to their huge success in a purely platonic way but You need to factor in a Game of Thrones wedding by the way. He asked them to shut down for a full day so everyone can attend, but they may need more than that depending on the shooting locations for the show's final season. This is also why they haven't talked about the actual date to the press. They know that fans of the show would love to see the entire cast gathered together and dressed in their finest, and they don't want any wedding crashers showing up to stargaze.

For one, he's claustrophobic, which made shooting the "Battle of the Bastards" sequence particularly unpleasant. I panic," he said. He also has some weird superstitions. Despite Fallon's disbelief, this is a real Italian superstition. The sound it makes. Presumably she's afraid of severed heads in the refrigerator as well. I kind of like boot him out, so … he can go to the coffee shop," Leslie said. Meyers found this hilarious and asked again if she'd let him read scripts in front of her.

And then my mind goes off. It is dedicated to ending child poverty. You can see the full minute version on YouTube.

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You make my heart sing. You pull your bow string But I wanna know for sure," he sang. Leslie described the proposal to TV Week magazine herself.