Matt nathanson is he married relationship

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matt nathanson is he married relationship

Matthew Adam "Matt" Nathanson (born March 28, ) is an American singer- songwriter whose work is a blend of folk and rock and roll music. In addition to singing, he plays acoustic (sometimes a string) and electric The CW show Privileged featured his song "All We Are", "Family Ties" and Life Unexpected in. I hate to tell you this, but I've seen Matt Nathanson in concert several times and one of the times he said that the song was basically about how marriage is a. Matt Nathanson is not your typical singer-songwriter -- or, as he likes to call it, “ man with white penis guitar player." For one thing, he first.

An entirely acoustic record, the instrumentation is mostly acoustic guitar with some accordion, cellos and percussion. Not Colored Too Perfect[ edit ] This record is a compilation of unreleased material, the bulk of which was recorded in San Rafael, CA in the fall of Both these songs were written by the drummer in the band, Bill Foreman.

The record was mixed at Different Fur in San Francisco and released spring of An entire album of songs was recorded but the release was shortened to an EP when Nathanson signed to Universal Records halfway through the mixing process. It was produced by Mark Weinberg and Nathanson and released in the fall of At the Point[ edit ] Upon deciding that the major label world was not for him, Nathanson got out of his contract with Universal Records and released "At the Point.

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This record was released in April and debuted at 29 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart the week of its release. The album was made independently, and Nathanson partnered with Vanguard Records for its release in August It debuted at 60 on the Billboard Top and was on the charts for 34 weeks. The first single, "Faster", was released in March.

Matt said they dated for 10 years so they broke up and got back together. He said that they both had other people during those break ups. Matt said that he had the opportunity to get laid but he got all righteous. Howard asked how the guys got together and started doing their thing. Matt said that he was flying around between omasa cities building up a fan base. He said that he did this thing with Daryl Hall and he's lucky because he still shits money. He said he's making good money himself and if it was 10 years ago he wonders how much more he would have been making.

Things have changed and it's hard to sell an album. He said people feel entitled to free music. Matt said that getting played on radio is great but he has to tour to make money.

Howard read that they've gone on tour with Train. Matt said they did and he knows that Howard is friends with Pat from Train. Howard asked Matt about the song that was a big hit for them.

matt nathanson is he married relationship

He said that the song is ''Come On Get Higher. After the song Howard asked if he wrote that one while he was on hiatus from his wife. Matt said the song was about a woman.

He didn't say it was about his wife. Howard asked if he has an open marriage.

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Matt said he does not. Howard asked if Aaron works for him. Matt said he does. Howard asked if he has to ask for a raise and things. Aaron said he does but they work things out. Matt said that he gave him a raise and he wasn't happy with it. He said he agreed with the price he gave and he gave him the raise.

Howard asked if Aaron is happy now. Aaron said he is. Howard asked if Matt was signed to a label when he wrote that song.

Matt Nathanson

Matt said he actually left one company and made the song himself. He said he licensed it to the label he's on now. Matt said he has a complex deal going on with that. He said the new record, ''Modern Love,'' is on another label and it's doing well. Howard played ''Faster'' from that album. He said he's heard some of that song. Matt said that one was about Aaron.

Howard asked how he gets away with not writing about his wife. Matt said it takes a long time to figure out what's important.

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He said it took him a long time to figure out what was important. He said this song is more about his imagination. He said he's imagining a woman.

Howard asked about him dumping his wife. Matt said it wasn't a dumping. He said it can take quite a while to figure out how to be in a relationship. He said you have to live in a real situation and not something that's made up in your mind. He said when you're like 17 with somebody you have no idea who you are or what's going on. He said his wife was with him while he was trying to figure that out. Howard said she must have told him to go figure it out and come back when he did.

Matt said that's kind of how it was. He said she's a bad ass. Matt said it took a while to get it. Matt said that he figured it out years ago and now he's got great energy.

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Howard asked if he ever does 3 ways with his wife. Matt said he missed out on all of that. Howard gave him some plugs and said you can see him at the Wilturn in Los Angeles.

You can find out more information at MattNathanson.

matt nathanson is he married relationship

Howard asked Matt more about his parents and Matt said he thinks they were just people who weren't that into having kids. It was more like the thing they were supposed to do. Matt said that they just weren't into it. Matt said it wasn't super fun. Howard said it's funny that they sent him off to camp during the summer too.

Matt said that they were kind of cool at times. He said he used to throw up in camp because he wanted to go home. He said they wouldn't fall for it though. Matt said his mother was always supportive of his career but she never seems happy. He said it was a weird trip and it fucked him up for sure.