Meet other starseeds and lightworkers world

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meet other starseeds and lightworkers world

Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Starseeds and Earth Angels are essentially the same . There is really no difference other than the level of awareness you're tuned into! You can be both a don't get caught up in them. These are meant to offer validation of the light you're shining in the world. . Website Comment. Find More . Providing starseed inspiration, starseed activation codes, and galactic intel Starseeds have existed and lived in a host of other dimensions, planets, and star systems. they find the behaviors and customs of our world to be perplexing, irrational, While lightworkers are here to raise the vibration of the planet and spread. Oct 25, LightWorker, StarSeed, Empath, Empathy, Conscious, Consciousness, Awaken, Awake, Afterward, the global awakening of the collective consciousness truly They encourage other's to live in their light, helping us transition onto . How wonderful we arrive at the same conclusion without ever meeting.

While in some rare cases you have Pleiadians, Sirians or other ETs that have incarnated here or entered a human body to help specifically, in many cases these terms actually refer to the soul aspects that are waking up inside you, offering you guidance and understanding.

Your soul can be made up of a composite of soul aspects or pieces. The more soul aspects making up your soul, the stronger it will be.

meet other starseeds and lightworkers world

According to Pleiadian teachings, a Christed soul, which is the highest level of consciousness within our cosmos, is comprised ofsoul aspects. So the term Christ is actually a title, and if you reach that level of enlightenment Christ will be added to your name.

The idea of a Christed soul actually stems from how souls were created at the very dawn of creation, around the time of the Elohim. In our joy and rapture of separating and then joining again in tantric union, one event of tantric union sawsouls merge in spontaneous tantric union, creating the Sonship or the Christed soul. In a nutshell, you could say thatsouls collectively are God as we think of God, while anothersouls make up the Sonship.

The Sonship souls are the ones that get to incarnate on earth and other physical dimensions in creation. Each soul can further split intopieces and those pieces can further split intopieces, enabling you to have multiple incarnations across multiple dimensions and realities, at the same time.

The Holographic Field The main reason for this entire waking up of soul aspects is the holographic or morphic field. Read more about the holographic field here. When kinesiology was first discovered a few decades back, it was really a growth surge for those of us in the spiritual and energy healing fields, because it was the first scientifically replicable energy healing technique and modality.

This meant that it gained mainstream awareness and impact, mainly through sports science medicine. InSir David Hawkins released his pivotal book, Power vs. One of the key replicable and scientifically recognized findings was the existence of the morphic or holographic field.

Sir David was not the only person to discuss these ideas though: All of them share similar concepts: In a nutshell, the morphic field is like the Internet of all knowledge, and our minds are like devices that can plug into this field and extract energy and information. Like Dorothy arriving in Oz, suddenly everything had color. As each of these higher aspects wakes up, you experience a broader range of knowledge than you previously could extract from the morphic field. You are smarter and you also see more.

Are you still with us? This is where it gets trickier… The Age of Aquarius is expanding the amount of information available in the morphic field, so some of the soul aspects that are waking up inside you now are actually allowing you to THINK certain pieces of information on earth for the first time. If it had to happen on a level that you could see, it would be like waking up one morning to find out there are five new colors and fifteen new shades or variations in every existing color.

StarSeeds, Empaths, and LightWorkers – Knowing The Difference

All the scales of understanding of information on earth are expanding in this way. Air replaced wood and metal because the enhancement of knowledge in the morphic field allowed the abstract concept of air to become tangible in the human experience. So as each of the frontrunners of thought becomes aware has an awareness of these new thoughts, they anchor it further into the morphic field, making it even easier for others to think.

Over time, as enough people incorporate new concepts, it becomes a normative level of thinking and the whole of society can accept it — and it only takes a limited few of us to kick start that process.

Kinesiology has an explanation for how this works: If you are only midway up the Human Consciousness Scale, the thoughts and energy you put out are still compensating for hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people.

meet other starseeds and lightworkers world

It grows exponentially as you rise up the scale. Over the long term, what this will mean for humanity as a whole is that the stuff we previously thought of as rare and out of reach will become much more commonplace, including psychic and intuitive abilities, healing, miracles and more. Through our combined and cumulative personal growth we will create a network and web of positive energy that adjusts the morphic field of the planet in favour of light.

It really is quite beautiful: Remember, your soul aspects will be drawn from oversouls that already have a number of recursions playing out: In a sense, you may be living many lifetimes at the same moment in the energy continuum, and each vibrational shift resonates across all your lives.

By healing and raising vibration now, you are also healing your past and future selves. The most important aspect to keep in mind as you learn and adjust through the shift is your personal empowerment.

We continually have choice about what knowledge we choose to digest or discard, and we have the ability to adjust our perception of events or external stimulus in order to change our understanding. Any categories we apply to ourselves simply help us identify and enhance abilities that are inherent in us already.

Assistance in the Ascension Process on Earth A majority of starseeds are assigned here, or volunteered to incarnate at this time to help assist earth and humanity with the Ascension process. The ascension process involves the raising of energy to a higher vibrational frequency.

For individuals this involves a shift from a denser and egoic state of duality consciousness to a more unity and heart based consciousness. The earth is operating on a third dimensional 3D level of vibration, energetically speaking. Most starseeds have originated from the fourth dimensional level or higher, although the energy of the 4D souls is more suited for the vibrations of this third dimension.

As we near and for much time beyond, consciousness and the planet itself will be making a transition from the 3D energy into a higher dimensional frequency. The higher vibration of the starseed soul that comes in may be better able to assist in this process of ascension. As approaches more and more starseeds might start "waking up" due to the familiarity of the new vibrations coming in.

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Then, you may expand to become aware of your identity as an Earth Angel and as a Star Being. Know that none of these titles are any better than the other. They are simply classification to help you understand the true nature of your soul.

  • Lightworkers… Earth Angels… Starseeds… Is There a Difference?

But the truth is that your soul is vast and multidimensional. This is what you, as a physical being in this ascension timeline, are tuning into. We all have the potential to be all of this. I wish I was a Starseed. If you want to be a Lightworker, this is a choice. You simply need to choose love in the moment and keep drawing light into your being. Imagine light rinsing away around your being; washing away tension, stress, and negativity.

Allow your inner light and authenticity to shine through. Let light fill your heart and let your heart expand. As that light expands outward, your throat is able to open. This is your clairaudient center the source of your ability to speak divine love and to hear the guidance of your Angels and the divine.

Letting that heart light continue to expand activates your third eye your clairvoyant sight and your ability to see through the veil of the illusion.

Starseeds: Understanding Your Mission & Roles On Earth | Spirit Science

Continue to expand opening your crown and your direct link to the divine which allows you to anchor divine light into the present. Step into being a pillar upon the earth, shining forth your full light, drawing in light from above, and letting it expand around, out through the human heart grid, out into the crystalline grid, and across the entire planet. You are literally creating waves of positive energy out beyond you.