Megamind vs titan first fight in a relationship

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megamind vs titan first fight in a relationship

Megamind, for perhaps the first time in his life, is the victor. of gender and relationships within movies than previous generations. view of masculinity – he is strong and powerful, fights for justice and truth, and is falsely humble. Hell Themetically, he is more of an anti-hero to Hal/Titan/Tighten's villainy. In her first scene, she describes Metroman thus: 'His heart is an ocean within you laugh before' Megamind says to Roxanne, finding out that relationships work Megamind is stunned by this waste of Titan's powers, and fights him: when. This page comprises of Megamind's relationships with other characters. This results in a fight and Minion eventually leaves the evil lair and Megamind. After being beaten by Titan the first time and finding out Metro Man's secret, Megamind .

It is clear that he never really means her any harm. Though she was always saved by Metro Manhis help was often unnecessary, and it is suspected that she is kidnapped more to fulfill an expectation of villainous plots than to actually hold sway over MEtro Man. There are also subtle suggestive hints, such as his change in demeanor when he tells her her "tricks won't work on [him]".

She whispers "please talk slower", to which he responds by calling her "temptress". As Bernard, he expresses his sadness about Metro Man's defeat and the fact that there is no one left to challenge him, and ends up spending a lot of time with Roxanne. She later calls him to tell him he inspired her to take action against Megamind on her own. With Roxanne unaware that "Bernard" was the very man she was after, the two of them get to know each other, and discover that they both rather enjoy the other's company.

After a short time, they both become infatuated with one another, which causes Megamind to undo most of the damage he wreaked on Metro City he cleans up the streets and parks, replaces the paintings in the art gallery. In the gallery Roxanne is surprised and delighted to see the paintings back, and Bernard says "maybe Megamind isn't so bad, after all". At first she cannot fathom what he could gain from such a deception, but she quickly realized that he actually wanted to be with her, and ridicules him for ever thinking it could happen.

She dumps him and they walk away from one another, Megamind leaving his invisible car at an intersection. Roxanne looks back at him as she walks away, but they still part ways. The next day, Megamind goes to fight Titan and things go poorly when Titan goes berserk. Megamind goes to Roxanne for help, who helps only after he claims that she's the most intelligent person he knows.

He leaves Roxanne feeling guilty and he goes back to prison. We as a millennial audience are more willing to question the portrayal of gender and relationships within movies than previous generations. Within Megamind, Roaxanne is the only named female character, and we barely see her interact with anyone outwith the main cast.

So, the movie is overall Bechdel negative. Sadly, her righteous feelings of violation upon learning the ruse are glossed over in view of advancing the plot. She forgives him far too readily, and becomes his ally and later, his love interest. She ends the movie, once again, in peril — this time from her former camera-man turned supervillain, Hal, before being rescued by Megamind and Minion no, not one of those.

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BUT… Megamind is acutally whether intentional or not an interesting take on masculinity, and specifically toxic masculinity the two are most definitely NOT the same thing — see this article from The Good Man Project. Metro-Man is in many ways an idealised view of masculinity — he is strong and powerful, fights for justice and truth, and is falsely humble. Hell, the man even walks on water in his first scene.

As the movie progresses, we learn that he faked his own death to escape the suffocation of the role he has been forced to play. I personally thought Hal rearranged the papers like that himself, as a way of providing a 'sign' to Roxie Even fate says so!

Plus it's exactly the sort of creepy thing he'd do. I figured she did it because she knew Megamind was a mad genius, so she thought setting it up like he had would give her a better insight into his plan.

megamind vs titan first fight in a relationship

And whaddaya know, it did! Wasn't she working with Bernard at this time? You know, the guy Megamind was impersonating!? He could have easily hinted to her how it should really be set up. In light of their romantic chemistry, it could also be suggesting that Roxanne and Megamind are more similar than they realize; perhaps Roxanne shares Megamind's idiosyncratic method of mind-mapping. She just doesn't realize fully what she's actually doing until she 'takes a step back'. Faking death Regarding Metro Man faking his death: Granted, Megamind is a super-villain with a mile-long rap sheet and nobody would realistically take his side, but you really can't prosecute him for something he didn't really do.

Well the people of Metro City never really got the chance to prosecute Megamind for the murder of Metro Man prior to the end of the film, did they? Someone else described Megamind's situation at the end of the film as being a lifetime of community service for his past transgressions, and even without the murder of Metro Man, Megamind is still "condemned" to be a hero for the rest of his life by the 88 life sentences he already had, thus the question of prosecuting him for the murder of Metro Man is rather a moot point, something the people of Metro City probably realised and thus didn't bother with either.

I always assumed that Roxanne made it clear that Metro Man wasn't really dead, but for old time's sake held off from revealing where he really was or what he was really doing. Plus, everyone worshipped the ground the guy flew over and in some cases literally kissed his feet when he was juggling babies in mid-air; one suspects that Metro Man would have to do a lot worse to get the people of Metro City to have him arrested and jailed.

Hal isn't exactly the smartest or most careful of men; chances are he doesn't really care. Although he might have been about to do the first one when Roxanne distracted him. He's not even smart enough to spell Titan correctly, in fact! Window Why does Megamind not know what a window is? This troper can understand his mispronunciation of various words and acknowledges that neither his prison nor the evil lair have windows, but surely Megamind has been exposed to other things that have windows, like his old schoolhouse and the invisible car.

The animators just took it a little too far with this one. Dunno about the car, but he spend most of his time at school in the corner or being bullied by the other kids, so probably didn't have time to learn about windows. I got the feeling that he was only there for a few days tops. It's a weak explanation, but when in the car, the scenery is obviously always changing, so Megamind might not think it as any different from his monitors.

Actually, his evil lair does have windows, apparently! It's just a movie, dude; you really should relax. Megamind surely is familiar with windows. After a lifetime spent in prison or breaking into banks and other secure facilities, however, windows without bars may be a strange idea for him to wrap his head around. Perhaps Megamind has a room much like that with a desk and a big chair, but with monitors behind him instead of windows.

And I know plenty of villains have such rooms, like Blofeld from James Bond. When he enters the room, he immediately thinks of that room, so the thought that those panels aren't monitors never occurs to him.

If this is true, then Minion says they're windows sarcastically. Megamind simply reacts with wonder and amazement, neither confirming nor denying he knows what a window is. Megamind's entire personality is theatrical, and I considered this scene just an extension of that. Just like Minion makes a big show of being 'dead', Megamind is making a big show of not knowing what a window is in order to contrast his prison upbringing from Metro Man's mansion; he's basically going "What is this thing, this thing that you call freedom?

I think the idea just above this post is more or less correct. Megamind himself states "I've never had a view before. It's showing that due to the hand fate dealt him, he's never had a chance to enjoy the things we take for granted. Exit door When Roxanne meets Megamind in his Bernard disguise after infiltrating his lair, he directs her toward a door marked 'Exit. So why on Earth did he tell her to go there?

Was he planning to kidnap her again or something? He probably just wanted to scare her out of his lair. When she did go in there later, he pulled her back out, so he obviously wasn't planning to kill her or anything.

Possibly because he knew she was on the hunt for some kind of "scheme" and hoped that the stuff behind the Exit door would lead her off the track of what he was really doing? The chance of impressing her with a death-trap she'd never seen before, of course! Remember that she'd been completely unimpressed with everything else the last time they met.

He might have forgotten that that wasn't the actual exit. Defeating Titan Why in the world would the city want Megamind to defeat Titan? Sure, Titan's evil, but no more so than Megamind. All they know is they're under the thumb of a far more intelligent tyrant. Because Titan was more evil than Megamind; from everything we can gather, while Megamind robbed banks, kidnapped a journalist every so often and apparently killed the city's previous hero, Titan was going to destroy the entire city, something which Megamind had shown no desire or interest in doing.

Put simply, the former was definitely being a dick, but the latter was worse by far. According to the first news-report on Titan, "the city has never seen this level of destruction", and the things we are shown do back this up to a degree - after all, Megamind marks his name in the city by painting it with blue paint all over the place, Titan marks it by burning it into the ground with giant letters.

Megamind played darts with cars, Titan flew around the city burning everything he looked at When Megamind takes over the city, what does he say? He makes a big theatrical display, proclaims his future reign of informed evil, and then tells everyone to "carry on with the dreary, normal things, normal people do.

Megamind's Relationships

More like under new management. When Megamind is control, the city carries on with a little bit more paint and some money floating around the downtown corridor; when Titan is in control, the city evacuates; all those people fleeing the city at the end of the film are people who didn't bother to go anywhere when it was just Megamind they had to worry about, because Megamind just makes a show about being evil, whereas Titan actually is.

Better the devil you know? Society as a whole has a short memory, and the way Megamind wasn't actually doing much particularly evil helped.

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Villains and heroes An honest Headscratcher? This movie was trying to reinvent how you thought of "villains" and "heroes", i. But the real villain, Titan, had an overweight face, crazy hair, and a permanent sneer, while the hero Megamind had huge shiny eyes and If titan was handsome, it would have been amazing. I honestly didn't know the movie was trying to reinvent the way you thought of villains and heroes.

But I think most people in fandom find Titan pretty good looking. Hal doesn't look that bad, really, and Megamind is Megamind also has blue skin and a giant over-sized cranium.

megamind vs titan first fight in a relationship

Let's face it; from a human perspective, he's This Troper found them both gorgeous. Roxanne's plot importance I know it's supposed to be an Affectionate Parody of the whole superhero genre, so being kidnapped repeatedly is necessary, but it still bugs be that Roxanne never gets to do anything to affect the plot beyond declare her affections for one character instead of another. The moral of the story seems to be that if you're a guy, you can change the world and you'll get the girl.

If you're a girl, you're going to end up with the good guy. I realize they tried to make it seem like she was an empowered character, but honestly? She's only able to face kidnapping calmly because her entire life, that's all she's been useful for. Especially when she was seen holding an uprooted street sign.

I wanted her to pull a Shizuo. It wasn't so much the male aspect as the super-powered one that made the difference, I think. Every non super-powered male got much less done than Roxanne did. Also, she went to go talk down Hal when he was smashing up the city, despite the fact she could have been killed. That has to count for affecting the plot. Roxanne doesn't actively affect the plot, but she is the catalyst for every major event.

She was the one who inspired Megamind out of his funk. She was the one who later caused him to give a damn about other people. It was because of her both Megamind and Titan later went on a rampage. She was the one who again inspired Megamind to take on the hero role. She may not have changed anything herself, but if it wasn't for her, nothing would have changed. Okay, you're going up against people with ultra-superpowers.

Tick them off and they'll snap you like a twig, no matter how much you maximize your natural physical strength—and you haven't done so, because you're not an athlete, you're a news anchor.

All you have is your ability to persuade. So what do you do? Point out where the Invisible Car is in the nick of time, maybe? Rivalry Post-movie, isn't the whole broken eternal rivalry just going to repeat itself, but in reverse now that Megamind is a superhero but has no supervillain to battle against? There's always bank robbers and such, but no major archnemesis that we know of, and I can't see him deciding to create his own villain after what happened with Titan. I could see him going the Vetinari route and putting all of his effort into making the city work.

I think the problem wasn't so much that he didn't have a superhero to fight, but that he didn't have anyone to challenge him, since everyone other than Roxanne pretty much just folded once Metro Man was out of the picture the cops and city government all surrendered and no one else was willing to take a stand against him.

As a superhero, however, there's always going to be crime to fight, even if it's not quite super-villainy and there's always a good chance that some super-villains might show up to challenge the city's new hero independently of Megamind's interference.

At very least, he's not going to get bored. Presumably there are other supervillains in this Verse, as Megamind can't be keeping that mail-order company in Romania in business all by himself. Alternatively, he could be bemoaning a lack of worthy supervillains and feeling the urge to go back his old ways in the sequel probably on the basis that the villains he fights lack the class and showmanship he had.

I will be very surprised if there isn't one. Ocean inside a bigger ocean So what does Roxanne mean by "his heart is an ocean inside a bigger ocean" in her Metro Man speech anyway? It's one of those cheesy metaphors, you know.

Just like the ones Metro Man and Megamind traded back and forth without making much sense. This troper thought it was a clumsy Titanic reference on Roxy's part. Hal and the cell Did Hal really deserve to be put in Megamind's special prison cell after he was defeated? I mean, the guy doesn't even have a life, and he's very much harmless without Metro Man's powers. The least they could have done was give him some community service, right?

According to the news-reports, he caused more destruction during his rampage through the city than Megamind had ever done - and that was before he burned "Tightenville" into the city. They're probably not going to give him community service for a while. They live in a comic book universe and seem at least dimly aware of this, when did a de-powered Super-Villain ever not get re-powered at some point. Super-powers are kinda like cancer, you might beat it into remission for a while, but it always comes back.

He is responsible for the death of at least one person there is no way the guy driving the gas truck that tipped over and exploded survived.

That's worth at least one life sentence. And with his wanton reign of destruction, it wouldn't surprise me if there were more off-screen casualties. This troper always thought it was for Hal's own protection. After all, he very publicly called out Megamind, did his level best to kill him, failed, and got locked up in prison. The same prison Megamind was raised in.

Where he's considered family by the inmates.