Mercury retrograde relationship problems

mercury retrograde relationship problems

Mar 22, I prefer hounding them down and solving the problem ASAP. When Mercury retrograde is already infamous for making communication a lot. Nov 28, You've definitely heard of mercury retrograde and you may or may not know what it is. We're going to talk about how it affects your dating life. Dec 5, Mercury retrograde will change the relationships around you for the better — and the worse.

You can choose during Mercury retrograde to be sensitive for any subconscious assumptions which occurred which do not serve you. Why building trust is not a cheap thrill Let Mercury retrograde challenge any warped perceptions you may have. Relationships depend on communication to work; it follows that this creates an opportunity for couples to tune into each other more. As misunderstandings are highlighted, use this to reconnect by investing time to discuss important values.

Does Mercury retrograde affect relationships?

Your relationship was built on agreements you have made. Double check your understanding and refine your arrangements. Confirm travelling arrangements or, if you are superstitious, avoid travelling during these times. This may be why your husband shrugs his shoulders, as he avoids taking what happens personally. Choose what you want to believe or you could just ask him. Clear the air and spell out what you think is happening. Leave nothing to chance. Except—so many forecasts never talk about how this planet impacts our love life!

Mercury plays a crucial role when it comes to fostering clear understanding between partners, and considering what sign s Mercury is transiting is also important when understanding how the cycle affects us.

My client, Moira, offers a perfect example of what to look out for during a retro cycle. We looked at expenses, income, ways to cut back.

3 Relationship Issues You Are Only Experiencing Because of Mercury Retrograde

We even agreed on some specific strategies. And then this week, he calls me from the Yacht Club. We did a three card reading on how she could best address the situation. The Five of Disks showed the situation: The card representing the energy of her husband was the Seven of Swords. He was in denial, possibly defensive, and employing underhanded strategies to get around their agreement.

Mercury Retrograde & Venus direct Love & relationships!

This card suggested she would need to diffuse his defensive reactions in order to get results. As much as she hated to wait, we knew there would likely be even more miscommunication or misdirection during the Mercury cycle.

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  • 3 Relationship Issues You May Be Experiencing Because of Mercury Retrograde
  • Mercury Retrograde

SO much can go wrong in this area! Repeat yourself and restate things you've already expressed. A current partner may want to be reassured about how you feel about them, and a potential date might not have heard you the first time or may need clarification about exactly what you meant. Make sure your dating apps are updated. Before the pre-shadow, download the latest version of any apps you're using to minimize the potential for glitches.

Shoot down an ex who gets in touch. There may be a very good reason they're reappearing in your life - you have some unfinished business. You don't have to get back together with him or her but coffee?

mercury retrograde relationship problems

Make major decisions that impact the future of your relationship - especially if you have cold feet, got some intel that might turn out to be false, or feel like your head and heart aren't aligned. It's better to take your time assess than regret an impulsive breakup.

mercury retrograde relationship problems

Rely on first impressions. Who knows what kind Mercury retrograde fallout your blind date is dealing with, so no judging.

mercury retrograde relationship problems

If it's a definite no-go, remember that kindness counts. Jump into a new relationship or take a huge step in a current relationship. There are too many variables to consider.

And if you just can't wait, talk out all the consequences.