Reclaiming sexual intimacy in your relationship

Renewing and Reclaiming Sexual Intimacy in Your Relationship | Healing Together for Couples

reclaiming sexual intimacy in your relationship

Has your relationship ended up in a sexual desert? Perhaps the two of you went through a rough patch and stopped making love. Here are some tips to end the. Put that phone down and march back into the bedroom. Laura S. Scott has 10 simple steps to invite intimacy into your relationship once again. Reclaim and redeem the beautiful gift of sexual intimacy in your marriage. solve in marriage, and there is a time to actively nurture and enjoy your relationship.

Ask your partner to set aside a time to talk about your sex life or lack thereof. If your partner balks, you may have to press.

reclaiming sexual intimacy in your relationship

If there are medical issues — a bad hip, perhaps, or heart-attack concerns — agree to see a doctor for an exam and, most likely, some reassurance. Hold hands while you have this discussion.

You'll find the physical connection calming: It forges a bond that mere words cannot. Start the conversation with kind and loving language. Say how much you love your partner, how attractive she or he is, how much you're looking forward to touching and being touched by him or her.

reclaiming sexual intimacy in your relationship

Explain that you'd like to start with cuddling and then massage. A little snuggling should make an easy first step for both parties.

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Experiment with "sensate focus" — a Masters and Johnson technique in which one partner gently strokes the other's naked body, back and front, each person learning how to touch and be touched again. As you vary the pressure of your touch, you give and get feedback on what feels good; however, there is no attempt to arouse the other person with genital touching.

reclaiming sexual intimacy in your relationship

Instead, the goal is a sensual experience that builds trust and comfort with physical interaction. Do as many sessions as you need to feel comfortable — and to find yourself craving more. Clear the decks for action. You may need to buy a lubricant or a vaginal moisturizer to repair tissues. It may be necessary to get medical advice on erectile or medication issues.

Renewing and Reclaiming Sexual Intimacy in Your Relationship

There are more solutions to physical problems than you can imagine. Flirt with each other during the day or at a dinner out. These kids could benefit from a little unstructured time and may actually benefit more from a set of parents that are more tuned in to each other, more loving and accepting toward each other, and happier in their marriage than parents sacrificing their marriage for extracurricular activities.

Parents that are spending an inadequate amount of time and attention on their marriage are modeling this to the kids. Not only is spending time together essential for restoring intimacy and marital happiness, the way you spend time together is also important.

How To Revive Sex & Intimacy In A Marriage (Get That Spark Back!)

For one partner, spending time in the same room watching the same television program may count as quality time together. For the other spouse, this activity does not count at all, and may serve as a source of hurt and anger. Quality time equals time engaged meaningfully with each other.

Do you have to be talking to spend quality time? If you are both together, connected in some meaningful way, where you both believe it to be meaningful, you have quality time. Couples share meaningful exchanges throughout the day, that may not add up to very little actual time together, but that account for feeling close and connected.

They need a quantity of time together.

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Couples who are experiencing a lack of closeness usually need to spend more time together to have that sense of connection. While just being together and being engaged meaningfully, whether or not you are talking, it usually takes spending quite a bit of time together to establish that shared sense of being meaningfully engaged.

Partners also enter relationships with their own emotional baggage, which may include insecurities and a higher need for closeness than the other partner. A couple will rarely have the same level of need for closeness vs. In the beginning couples share that same desire for closeness as they are establishing the relationship.

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At this point, both partner are flooded with neurochemicals that make this a very exciting time. Couples can regain a sense of falling in love or being in love, but desire to have that experience does not magically make it happen. It takes much time and effort.

reclaiming sexual intimacy in your relationship

Couples that desire a return of closeness or emotional intimacy, can make that happen by slowing down and dedicating the time and energy that it will take to accomplish it.