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relationship ship

Relationship definition, a connection, association, or involvement. See more. Origin of relationship. First recorded in –45; relation + -ship. Related forms. -ship is added to a noun to establish status or condition. Indicating a state or a condition, e.g. to be in a friendship. Indicating the qualities. A verb used to describe the action of wishing for two people to enter a relationship (whether romantic or occasionally platonic) in books, movies, tv shows or real.

He is good at fixing things. She is good at understanding what makes relationships thrive. Men are basic and easy to please, women are complicated and baffling. When I work with couples, my standard comment is Men just want their women to be happy, and Women are never satisfied. Believe it or not, I have never gotten an argument from this statement.

relationship ship

Please keep in mind I am speaking in generalities and there are always some exceptions to the rules. But the rules are the rules.

Given our differences, it is important to realize that we need to accommodate each other. Men feel loved by hearing that they are respected. Women need to feel that they are cherished, and believe me this is not accomplished by a grope on the butt or the breasts.

If a man is cranky and stressed, he can usually be made happy by the offer of sex. By the same token, women need to be careful about being too directive with men especially regarding their world of fixing stuff.

In my marriage, our agreement is that the house is my domain, I am the queen and what I say goes. The garage and the outdoors is his domain…he is the king and what he says goes except for house exterior color, because color is my domain.

Situations such as that may be the one to cause a polyamory relationship.

Shipping (fandom)

Polyamory is not always caused by love triangles, but those that don't tend to be less accepted by the fandom. Interspecies [ edit ] Interspecies, which is usually displayed in fandoms of media consisting of animals of various species, is usually not controversial until a human is paired with a non-humanoid, sapient character.

Relation-SHIPS! (Love, friends and hooking on cruise ships)

It is especially controversial when between a human and an animal or furry. Some consider such pairings bestiality.

relationship ship

Age difference [ edit ] Controversial age differences have a wide range. An elderly adult with a young adult, anyone with an immortal or slowly-ageing being, teenagers with young adults, or pedophiliacs are all part of this category. However, in anime or manga like Hetalia in which the characters are personified countries, there are large age gaps, sometimes of hundreds of years, then shipping between characters of many different ages is widely accepted in the fandom.

Some shippers, of course, may be referring to the given "human" ages of the countries. Using these human ages gives way to a smaller age gap.

The Language Couple-ship

Love-hate [ edit ] Romances between two characters who canonically hate each other also occur. It is often interpreted that the characters share sexual tension between each other.

This is one of the most popular types of shipping. Another example of non-conventional shipping is in the Homestuck fandomwhich introduced three new shipping categories: Kismesissitude or hate-love a deep-rooted rivalryMoirallegiance a deep, very powerful platonic friendshipand Auspisticism a three-person relationship created between two would-be rivals and a peer mediator.

Those in the Homestuck fandom refer to the usual romantic relationship as matespritship.

relationship ship

From the series' first season, the main conflict was over whether the title character, Daria Morgendorffershould have a relationship with Trent Lane, a slacker rock-band frontman, whom Daria met through his sister, Jane.

A common argument against this possible outcome was that such a development would signal a turn away from the more subversive aspects of Daria's character, such as bitter criticism of romantic relationships, and thus the show.

The show's writers responded[ citation needed ] by having Daria develop a crush on Trent.

relationship ship

Trent, however, remained involved with his off-and-on girlfriend Monique, who immediately became a target of shipper ire. The crush ended in the third season's finale, "Jane's Addition", when Daria realized that Trent could never satisfy her in the long run.

That same episode introduced Tom Sloane, a charming and intellectual son of privilege. Although Tom became Jane's boyfriend, threatening Daria and Jane's friendship in the process, Daria and Tom warmed up to each other throughout the fourth season, leading up to its finale, "Dye! My Darling," broadcast August 2, This caused an instant uproar, and conversation now turned to whether Tom was more appropriate than Trent had been.

The debate was satirized by the show's writers in a piece on MTV's website. I thought it was really pushing credibility for Daria to have only had one or two dates during her whole high school career," and "teaser" episodes like "Pierce Me" were "intended to provide some fun for that portion of the audience that was so invested in the romance angle.

relationship ship

The fact that those moments were few and far between should have given some indication that the series was not about Daria's love life. Rowling appeared to try to tamp down the first possibility, stating at one point that Harry and Hermione "are very platonic friends".

In the subsequent Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princehowever, Harry develops a crush on Ginny, convinced that he has missed his opportunity with her.

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In the end Ginny turns out to never have given up on Harry after all, but merely taken Hermione's advice to try to date other boys to boost her self-confidence. Though their romantic relationship becomes one of the few sources of comfort in Harry's difficult life, he makes a decision to end it for fear that Voldemort would learn of it and target Ginny. Rowling later commented that she had planned Ginny as Harry's "ideal girl" from the very beginning.

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