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Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search Installation and Upgrade Guide

Post-installation Configuration of IPMI-based Failure Isolation Using to be equal in relation to their processors, physical memory, and other runInstaller - detachHome ORACLE_HOME=Grid_home -silent -local. from a third party, the relationship is directly between you and the third party. Oracle is not responsible Recovering from a Failed Patching Session Using OPatch. runInstaller -silent -detachHome ORACLE_HOME="/product/ DBHome". It shall be the licensee's responsibility to take all appropriate fail-safe, backup, from a third party, the relationship is directly between you and the third party. Oracle is runInstaller -silent -detachHome ORACLE_HOME="/product/ DBHome".

Each cluster member must be connected to the management network. Some server platforms put their network interfaces into a power saving mode when they are powered off. In this case, they may operate only at a lower link speed for example, MB, instead of 1 GB. For these platforms, the network switch port to which the BMC is connected must be able to auto-negotiate down to the lower speed, or IPMI will not function properly.

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For nonstandard installations, if you must change configuration on one or more nodes after installation for example, if you have different administrator usernames and passwords for BMC interfaces on cluster nodesthen decide if you want to reconfigure the BMC interface, or modify IPMI administrator account information after installation.

The DATA2 diskgroup contains the voting files required for this cluster. Each node must have at least two network adapters: In addition, the interface names associated with the network adapters for each network must be the same on all nodes. Gigabit Ethernet or an equivalent is recommended. For a more complete list of supported protocols, see MetaLink Note: Disks in a diskgroup may be of varying speed and capacity without affecting performance. If this data storage directory is inside the release If index migration is interrupted and fails to complete, then Searchable Content Stats will be inaccurate.

Failed or abandoned attempts to migrate an index and its data will result in inaccurate reporting about what is available for search in the Oracle SES instance. These features are incorporated automatically in fresh installations of Oracle SES.

Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search

To incorporate these features in Oracle SES after upgrading, you must run the following scripts: You must run this script with administrator privileges after upgrading to Oracle SES 11g Release 1 You only need to run this script if your Oracle SES includes Japanese text, or if you anticipate future searches of Japanese text.

You may need to allocate additional tablelspace before you run the script. The script will give you a warning message if there is not enough free space. At that point, you can cancel, allocate additional space, and rerun the script. If there is insufficient temporary tablespace, the script will display an error message. You can find this path with the following query: How can you tell if a tablespace has excessive fragmentation?

You see the following on a status report: What if redo log space wait time is high? How can you fix this? Since wait time is zero, no. If wait time was high it might indicate a need for more or larger redo logs.

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What can cause a high value for recursive calls? How can this be fixed? A high value for recursive calls is cause by improper cursor usage, excessive dynamic space management actions, and or excessive statement re-parses.

You need to determine the cause and correct it By either relinking applications to hold cursors, use proper space management techniques proper storage and sizing or ensure repeat queries are placed in packages for proper reuse.

If you see a pin hit ratio of less than 0. If so, how do you fix it? This indicates that the shared pool may be too small.

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Increase the shared pool size. If you see the value for reloads is high in the estat library cache report is this a matter for concern? Yes, you should strive for zero reloads if possible. If you see excessive reloads then increase the size of the shared pool. How can it be fixed if it is a problem? A large number of small shrinks indicates a need to increase the size of the rollback segment extents.

Ideally you should have no shrinks or a small number of large shrinks. To fix this just increase the size of the extents and adjust optimal accordingly. A large number of wraps indicates that your extent size for your rollback segments are probably too small.