Ryan hardy joe carroll relationship memes

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ryan hardy joe carroll relationship memes

It was here where he met Joe Carroll and eventually captured the serial However, Ryan watches Joe question Claire and Hardy's past relationship and .. watch Joe's video, which turns out to be a threat to Kingston through bible quotes. whobbiton-blog. The Following 2x13 - “I've missed you, Ryan.” The Following Meme:→[1/3 Funny Moments] All you have to do is accept that I'm the most important relationship in your life. #the following#thefollowingedit#joe carroll# graph: thefollowing. notesHide Joe: *INCAPABLE OF KILLING RYAN HARDY*. Ryan Hardy, Joe Carroll Ryan has a The master/apprentice relationship is so interesting to me, and Darth Maul recognizing that connection with Ezra? Tell me .

Weston pleas Hardy to kill Carroll once and for all and after he provides the FBI agents an access to the church, Ryan finally shows himself to Joe. After instructing Max Hardy Jessica Stroup to wait outside, Ryan cuts the audio feeds at the church and shockingly offers Joe an escape route, but only if he helps saving Claire.

And here comes the first twist in The Following season finale, as Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll team up in order to save the woman that they both love. Admitting that Ryan and Claire have a special connection, Joe says that when he dies, he wishes for the couple to live happily ever after.

An unexpected thing happens when Carroll kills his follower and goes on to save Hardy.

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It is refreshing to see the two of them working together for a common cause and even helping each other at certain moments. When they hear Claire screaming, Ryan and Joe run in hurry to save her, but it turns out to be a trap.

As soon as they untie her, the twins gas the room. Ryan, Joe and Claire end up tied to a chair and game time begins for the twins. During a violent game of truth, Carroll finds out that his ex-wife killed his beloved Emma Hill Valorie Curry. Mark and Luke are forcing Ryan and Joe to speak about their biggest demons and surprisingly, a lot of truth comes out. As the twins tell Hardy, that it is the height of the irony that he became the man he hates and is no better than the killers he hunts, Ryan admits that he is not a good person.

All because of a tragic event in his childhood, Ryan has been on a life-long killing spree. When Hardy was 17 years old, his father was killed. Ryan then tracked down the killer and murdered him. Joe reveals that Ryan is probably so fixated on him, because he has been seeking redemption ever since he killed the man, who was responsible for the death of his father.

Game time is over when Mike and Max come to the rescue. When Luke tries to lock Claire into a closet, she fights back and escapes. Mike finds Mark and tells him that he is the one, who actually killed Lily, not Ryan.

He just starts hitting Mike, when Max comes in and kills him. Joe finds his ex-wife, apologizes for everything he has done and begs for her forgiveness.

As Joe angrily hangs up, Ryan tells Debra Joe's unraveling, know realizing the bunker was a huge win. Nick then shows up with information about a Daniel Monroe, a former militia who the FBI have been tracking for a while. They go to his house and find him and his brother Brian Fowler there. Before they can question them, Vince shows up and after Ryan kills him, Joe appears and, having killed Daniel, holds Mike hostage intending on torturing him unless Ryan talks with him.

He asks what motivated Ryan and Ryan says his father was murdered by a drug dealer and Joe notes they are both motivated by death despite Ryan's claims and they are more alike than they know. As Jacob shows up with Debra as a hostage, Joe walks out and forces Ryan to back off less Debra dies. After they escape, Ryan consoles Mike about everything knowing he's frustrated over everything but is alright.

After Mike is taken to the hospital, the Sheriff, who really is Roderick, says he's offering his help. In the morning, after Mike returns and tries to stop Roderick after revealing his true identity, Ryan and the team desperately try to find him know knowing he's a follower.

Ryan uses the news to lure a follower of Joe's to come clean and they get their life back. Later, Roderick is found on the road and taken into custody. In interrogation, Ryan discovers Roderick kidnapped Joey as "insurance" over Joe and after a talk with Joe on the phone, realizes Roderick is telling the truth.

Roderick however, will only give Joey's location if he gets his freedom. Nick refuses stating he killed two state troopers, but Ryan, determined to keep his promise to Claire, takes Roderick with him on the condition he leave his gun and phone behind. They arrive at the location and as Ryan frees Joey, Roderick pulls a gun out intent on double-crossing them both till Mike, who followed them, save them before Joe's men kill Roderick from behind.

After Mike hides Joey, Ryan engages a follower and manages to kill him, but Jacob found and took Joey away. He finds them and tries to persuade Jacob to let Joey go, stating he knows he cares for Joey, but Joe doesn't care whether he lives or dies.

ryan hardy joe carroll relationship memes

He goes closer and tries to talk Jacob to ending this now, but Jacob left, but agreed with Ryan and allowed Joey to go free. Joey recognizes Ryan and how Claire told him Ryan is one of the good guys. Ryan then carries Joey away back to the station in safety. Later that night, Joe calls him about how his book will need a rewrite and their story has taken a "turn" about how bad it is and that it's not been a good day.

When Ryan asks about Claire, Joe says she's no longer the lead lady nor will she ride off in the sunset with her as planned and that it's time for her to die, horrifying Ryan. Just then, a follower named Melissa shows up intent on doing what Ryan asked, but reveals her true nature when she stabs Nick in his eye as Ryan and Mike kill her.

The next day, with the information Joey gave on the house he was held in, Ryan and the FBI rush Joe's home, only to find a dead body of a follower and an empty house.

Ryan confesses love for Joe Carroll

After the incident with the reck-center, as many followers are killed and civilians as well, Ryan receives word that Debra has been captured. They receive a phone call from Parker, who has been buried alive.

Ryan and Mike go to the park via what info Parker could give, to which they are ambushed by Alex Lipton, the man who buried Debra. However, they are too late as Debra died. In grief, and hearing Alex mocking over her death, Ryan murders Alex in cold blood. Afterwards, Mike discovers Carroll's unfinished manuscript in her coffin, which leads Ryan to a location where Emma drugs and captures him.

He wakes up in the lighthouse, with Joe and Claire and his confrontation with Carroll comes to blows. Ryan escapes his capture and saves Claire and gives chase to Joe. Their fight takes them to a boathouse where a rogue gunshot ignites tanks of gasoline; Hardy manages to escape as the building explodes with Carroll trapped inside. The FBI believes Carroll is dead due to the body dental records, and Hardy takes Claire back to his apartment where they intend to celebrate.

Ryan has food delivered, to which at the moment he hears a noise, his neighbor Molly appears and stabs him in the stomach. Revealing herself as a follower, Molly states Ryan was always her chapter.

ryan hardy joe carroll relationship memes

Just then, Claire enters the room and screams seeing Ryan and is stabbed from behind to which Ryan screams out her name. After Claire falls to the ground Molly stabs her again in the chest.

Ryan removes the blade just in time and strangles Molly and snaps her neck. Ryan manages to get a phone and call an ambulance for him and Claire to which Ryan passes out when they arrive. After the surgery, Mike enters to a now conscious Ryan. When Ryan questions what happened to Claire, Mike, with tears in his eyes informs him of what happened to her, to which a distraught Ryan sheds a lone tear over her death.

Mike would regularly visit, but was unable to help him. During this time Ryan met an old book publisher friend named Carrie Cooke to which they had an encounter when they slept together, but like the typical Ryan Hardy, he was too drunk to remember. Seeing how he treats himself, Carrie got to him mentioning that Joe is the one getting to him and that if he doesn't want to keep letting Joe get to him he needs to enter rehab and get sober.

Realizing she's right and that Claire wouldn't want this, Ryan got sober and has stayed sober since the opening of Season 2. However, his obsession with Joe has never left, as Ryan has been secretly tracking his followers and the belief that Joe is alive. He later became a professor at the New York University with a successful career though Ryan stated he did this cause he knew Joe would be angered by him.

He later allowed his niece Max Hardy to stay with him after she became a detective. On the first anniversary of Joe Carroll's death, a group of remaining cult members attack several passengers on a subway car. The FBI brings Ryan and Mike Weston back on board to assist in gaining information on the identity and motives of the attackers. Ryan dismisses the FBI's request for his help and appears to want nothing to do with the situation. However, back in his home, he continues his secret interest in Joe and the case along with his niece, Max Hardy, a New York City detective.

Ryan reveals he found the location of an old follower named Carlos Perez, to which Ryan finds he is one of the three of the subway massacre. He captures Perez and questions Joe's whereabouts. Despite playing dumb, Perez reluctantly admits Joe is in fact alive, having faked his death as he was responsible for getting him out of their.

Perez escapes and Ryan gives chase, but he escapes. Ryan then takes Perez's belongings and heads home unaware that Emma Hill also followed him to Perez's apartment. He looks through the bag and finds a Joe Carroll mask and puts it in his office, full of information on Joe and his cult, to which Ryan spends regularly in and starring at a picture of Claire, still in love with her and blaming himself over her death.

The following day he meets Lily Graythe only survivor of the subway massacre. They converse with her knowing nothing of what happened. Eventually, Ryan's activities have been called into question by Agent Gina Mendezwho warns Ryan not to get involved unless he has something they need.

Mike discovers of Ryan's possessions of Perez's bag and takes it, but not before hearing of the possibility of Joe being alive when Ryan reveals that Joe had a half-brother with identical DNA. Later, after finding that Lily Gray is being targeted again, Ryan rushes to save her.

The twins continue to draw Ryan's attention by having him show up at a benefit event where the only survivor of the subway murders and new interest of Ryan, Lily Gray, is speaking.

After an attempted attack, Ryan helps Lily go unharmed and shoots Luke in the arm, with the only other injury being to Lily's assistant, David. The twins escape as Luke tends to his injury. Afterwards, Ryan talks with Lily again, to which the two seem to be connecting after the recent events. However, when Ryan watches the footage of the train massacre and, remembering Lily said she was in a hurry that day, sees her not getting on the first train.

He soon discovers her in a lie and with the help of Weston's subway video footage realizes that Lily is involved with the cult. Lily escapes and taunts Ryan over the phone. The FBI finds out that Lily was adopted by a billionaire and inherited his money. There are no records of her giving birth but a former housekeeper gave birth to twin boys before her death, named Luke and Mark Gray, her step-children. Meanwhile, Ryan continues to track Agent Mendez and the FBI's work on the case, despite their unsuccessful surveillance of him.

Max helps Ryan find David's Lily's lawyer residence where, upon arrival, he finds him dead on the floor. His murderer, Giselegets away before Ryan realizes who she is.

Ryan is arrested by Agent Mendez but is released soon-after. After a chase through city streets and two physical fights between Gisele and Max, and then Ryan, Gisele gets on a train just before it pulls out of the station. Ryan calls Max and she reveals she is on the train, looking at Gisele.

Max and Ryan catch up with Gisele and bring her to a local motel where they handcuff and question her. After Ryan loses himself and almost kills Gisele, Gisele gives up the supposed location of Joe, which is really the warehouse she was supposed to meet Luke and Jamel. Ryan heads there and is confronted by Luke and Jamel. Ryan shoots Jamel dead and is shot in the side of the stomach in return.

Gisele breaks her thumb to escape the handcuffs while Max is distracted and runs away to meet up with Luke. The two follow Ryan's trail to a local house where Ryan attempts to clean up his wound despite the homeowner showing up and panicking.

Ryan stabs Gisele with her own knife upon her entering the house and falsely telling him that she killed Max. Luke runs into the house and holds Gisele as she dies, and Ryan runs off. Ryan returns to the motel and embraces Max upon seeing her alive. Weston comes alone and along with Ryan and Max, capture Luke at a field near Lily's house. Ryan proposes a trade with Lily, offering Luke in exchange for Joe. While Max and Mike deal with Lily and Mark, Ryan wen to Lily's house, Ryan encounters one of her other sons, proceeding to stab and kill him.

Ryan finds on of Lily's children on the ground bleeding and looks out the window, seeing Joe Carroll, alive and well. Before driving away, Joe stares down Ryan, who has made it into the house and sees the trio leaving from a window. Just as Joe is about to flee the country, the FBI blocks an airplane from departing, believed to have Joe inside. The pilot reveals the trio left the plane after the man got a phone call. Ryan tells Mendez he saw Joe alive and he was the man in the plane, which Mendez claims she will handle on her own, also revealing that Max and Weston have now lost their jobs for their involvement.

Weston leaves the FBI building to go home because he feels mentally unstable after assaulting Luke. Max asks Ryan to give up with Joe, but Ryan admits he's formed an obsession and must kill him or else everyone who died up to this point will have been for nothing. Max is captured by a man hired by Lily, as the man's son records the capture on video.

Ryan is then greeted by Weston who returns to help find Max.

Ryan Hardy

After Ryan receives the video of Max on his phone, he questions Luke, who remains in custody at a hospital. Luke reveals the man's name: Kurt Bowlenknown as "The Huntsman" - a known serial killer. Max escapes into the woods, with Kurt chasing her.

Much later, Ryan receives another video text message from Lily and puts it on screen in the FBI's office. Weston recognizes Lily is at his father's house, as the video turns to his father strapped in a chair. Mark slits his throat and kills him. As Weston runs out of the room crying hysterically, Lily teases Ryan that she has more surprises in store for him. Ryan catches Weston weeping outside and holds him.

The funeral for Weston's father takes place, with Ryan and Max attending. Afterwards, a journalist, Carrie Cookewith an apparent history with Ryan shows up and unsuccessfully tries to get him to comment on Joe.

Inside, Director Franklin of the FBI tells Ryan that he wants him working on the case and will supply him with whatever he needs to work off the books. Max and Ryan turn their focus to Joe's college professor, Dr.

Arthur Strausswho lives an hour away from the lighthouse where the events took place. Ryan goes to Strauss' home and questions him about Joe while planting a microphone in his living room. He leaves after Strauss insists he has no involvement. Carrie comes to Strauss' home for interview questions but is captured upon entering the house, which Ryan hears over the audio receiver and rushes back to the house.

One of Strauss' students, Cole, sprays a chemical into Ryan's face, causing him to temporarily faint. He wakes up tied to a wheelchair, across from Carrie who is strapped to an operating table. Ryan discovers Strauss taught Joe how to gauge the eyes out of his victims and that Joe was the killer, Strauss just helped him express himself.

Weston finds Cole as Cole was looking for tools and shoots him. Ryan frees himself and then Carrie. Ryan and Weston tie Strauss to the table and whip his hand until he reveals that Joe had a connection to a female in the FBI.

Ryan doesn't believe she's guilty, but questions her outside of her apartment, revealing she hacked Debra's email various times, to which she angrily denies this. However, Mendez thinks of the person who may be responsible and Mike and Ryan follow her. Ryan and Weston track Mendez as she travels to Jana's house.

Jana brings Mendez into the garage to talk, where Jana stabs her.

ryan hardy joe carroll relationship memes

Jana's friend lets Mike and Ryan in. They find Mendez and have an ambulance called before cornering Jana and questioning her about where Joe is.

Jana proceeds to shoot herself in the head. Mendez is taken away, alive, in an ambulance to which she apologizes to Ryan over what happened. After the incident at the bookstore, Ryan watches Joe's video to the world, confirming that he is in fact alive.

ryan hardy joe carroll relationship memes

Back at Ryan's apartment, Weston walks Max out and ends up getting into a car with unknown men. Carrie shows up and has dinner with Ryan, who eventually kisses her as she's on her way out as they spend the night together. Strauss and he is cooperating. Ryan tries to get information about where Joe is out of Mallory, but Patrick slits her throat before being shot dead.

Back at his apartment, Carrie and Ryan fool around again after Carrie tries to convince Ryan that he's making progress, professionally and personally.

  • 'The Following' and Ryan Hardy try to cope without Joe Carroll in Season 3
  • The Following Season Finale: Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll Team Up (Recap)

Ryan and Mike continue researching information on Lily Gray and cults that believe in blood sacrifice. Two men cause chaos after stabbing a group of people at a bakery, sending them all to the hospital. Ryan and Mike realize this is the work of Lily, as the nearest hospital is where Luke is staying. Luke escapes the hospital after being chased down by Ryan, though Serena and Decklan are killed by Mike and Ryan, respectively.

'The Following' and Ryan Hardy try to cope without Joe Carroll in Season 3 – Screener

As Mike is depressed over the ordeal, Ryan comforts him stating they will get them and have their lives back. The two return to Ryan's apartment and there is a knock at the door. Mike sees Claire and runs over to Ryan, saying he can explain everything. The door opens and Ryan stares at Claire in complete shock.

Ryan, brought to tears at seeing Claire again, the two embrace each other and discuss what happened on the day Ryan was told Claire died. Ryan expresses his disbelief that Claire is actually there and Claire expresses her desire to have Joe dead by having herself on TV and let Joe know she's alive to draw him out, but Ryan is against it.

After Carrie is attacked by Joe's followers again, Carrie received a clip from Joe and Ryan asks Carrie to not broadcast the clip until he watches it, incase it's a message for Joe's followers.

ryan hardy joe carroll relationship memes

Claire and Ryan watch Joe's video, which turns out to be a threat to Kingston through bible quotes. They conclude that Joe is going to go after Kingston's son, Preston, who goes to college in Connecticut. Claire insists she go with Ryan and Ryan hesitantly agrees, but once at his car, sends Claire a text message saying "Sorry" and leaves with Mike, asking Max to introduce herself to Claire and keep her safe.

Along the drive to the college, Mike tries to explain what happened with Claire, but Ryan repeatedly tells him that it's okay. Ryan and Mike enter the frat house and find the room with the masked hostages. Lucas comes charging out of the room and Mike shoots him dead.

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Tilda, Robert, and Angela drive off with Preston as a hostage. Ryan gets into his car and follows them. Mike calls Ryan, who says he needs to end this by killing Joe and asks Mike to take care of Claire and Max, hanging up the phone before Mike can get another word in and eventually throwing his phone out of the window once he arrives at Korban. He kills a guard and disguises himself as a Korban member.