South park ups in security relationship

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south park ups in security relationship

Over the years, South Park has lampooned hundreds of celebrities. . Chertoff, Michael The former Homeland Security head has a deep hate at South Park Elementary and soon develops a sexual relationship with Mr. Garrison. .. Snacky Cakes, Boogie Bars, and Veal Roll-ups as the Ethiopians starve. "Insecurity" is the tenth episode of the sixteenth season of the American animated sitcom South The episode parodies security alarm systems, and also contains references to Soon, all the children and men in South Park, led by Randy Marsh, are under the impression that UPS delivery men are sleeping with their wives. whether South Park presents “good values” via selected episodes. .. van Zoonen's analysis and summary of the relation between popular culture and politics Particularly, these two episodes parody the NSA (National Security Agency) and the bureaucratic check-ups, whether the tourists are dangerous or not.

He also sang and played the guitar in " You're Getting Old ", but this was not a display of good talent. As shown in " The Cissy ", he eventually achieved success as Lordealthough in this case, it was due to his voice being changed with computers although it was implied in " Handicar " that he also plays guitar in Lorde's music. He eventually ended his music career in " HappyHolograms ", after an embarrassing live performance at The Pepsi Center and becoming disillusioned with the music industry and their use of holograms.

If this was the case, though, they would be in their mid-forties to mid-fifties. But Randy stated in one episode in Season 9 that he was thirty-five years old, so this may have been simply a cutaway joke. Also, Randy and Sharon were revealed to have met in a tree-fort playing Truth or Darein the episode " Clubhouses ".

Randy tells the other adults in town, at the end of " Child Abduction is Not Funny ", that he studied Mongolian in college, possibly minoring in the subject.

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He then speaks it to the children, who have joined a tribe of Mongolians. However, it appears that he doesn't apply his knowledge of the language to his life, as this is the only time he is heard speaking it. He may also have a Ph. Marsh on two separate occasions although one of those times was himself. In " Make Love, Not Warcraft ", Randy makes a World of Warcraft account which is named Falcorn and is a level 2 human hunter, which is not possible in the actual game at the time of the episode's creation after seeing his son Stan play it.

In " Pinewood Derby " he makes Stan cheat in his derby race, accidentally discovers warp drive, and consequently becomes the first contact for aliens coming to Earth.

He and the leaders of the world keep trying to cover their lies. He grounded Stan for telling the truth, however, he and the others lied to the aliens.

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As punishment for failing that test so badly, Earth and the Moon are permanently enclosed in a gigantic, cubical force field and isolated from the rest of the Universe — to which Randy says, "Well, that sucks.

Randy Parker is also a geologist. In " Smug Alert! Careers and Occupations Randy is currently a hemp farmer.

He has had numerous other occupations throughout the series, the most notably one being geologist. He was so eager about this new career, that he dropped out of school, left his girlfriend and his family, and immediately joined a boy band. They had a hit single, "You Got It", and they made millions, living in a big mansion with dozens of women sharing his bed with him at once. But one year later, all of the group members were fired for being too old for a boy band, despite the fact that Randy was only nineteen at the time.

Randy was in debt to the studio, and in order to make up for it, he had to give up all of his possessions. He then returned home at last, and used up what money he had left resuming his education. An interesting thing to note is that Randy is shown to be very proficient at the guitar in " Guitar Queer-O ". He also mentions in that episode that he knows how to play several famous rock songs on the guitar, such as Carry On Wayward Son by Kerry Livgren.

Geologist Ever since his first appearance, he has been shown to be a geologist. In later seasons, notably in the Season Eight episode " Goobacks ", he is known to be a worker for the United States Geological Survey. He became famous for his theory on moderation in the episode " Spontaneous Combustion ", and won the Nobel Prize Award for it.

He is often called upon to perform many scientific tasks, due to his education and positions. He usually is unable to perform the tasks despite the fact he is a geologist and thus has a high level of understanding of many areas of science, including chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics.

Randy overhears the conversation and tells the other males of South Park. After listening to a story from a shady old man in Skeeter's Bar and Cocktailswho compares it to a milkman who used to have sex with people's wives while doing deliveries and calling it "the price to pay for convenience", they all grow paranoid of the UPS delivery men having affairs with all their wives, and begin spying on the delivery men.


Randy notes that Sharon could not remember what her Amazon package contained upon its delivery, and signs for it himself to avoid contact between the one UPS man, called Thadand Sharon.

People start buying excessive home security measures, that Cartman in particular finds frustrating because the man who rings up upon an alarm sounding is useless, so he tests it by hiring a burglar to break in and rape his mother. By the time any appreciable response was achieved, it was far too late.

south park ups in security relationship

Despite the extra security, the paranoia grows and the men consult the shady bar patron again, who advises them to "kill the milkman". This causes further security concerns, due to the presence of seven Banes as opposed to one.

south park ups in security relationship

They purportedly illustrate this by showing the police Ike's drawing, which they say they found in the man's pocket. When the men inform the old man he was wrong about the trappings of modern convenience, and merely need to be secure with themselves, the old man suggests that the security salesmen are having sex with their wives.

As a result, Cartman and the men, again disguised as Bane, confront the security technician. The episode ends with him dragged out of his truck in shock after Cartman tells him that he should have "respected my authoritah". Production[ edit ] "Insecurity" was developed from an idea created during meetings for the show's video gameSouth Park: The Stick of Truth. Parker and Stone and the team at South Park Studios had spent the summer prior to their fall run working on the video game, and one idea that came up was a character having to get into people's homes, and past their security systems.

Likening the surprise to Christmas morning, he noted in the episode's DVD commentary he has a tendency to order random items when South Park episodes are near completion: