Thai saudi relationship

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thai saudi relationship

Relations between Thailand and Saudi Arabia, already cool, are likely to hit a new low after the Criminal Court acquitted five ex-police officers. including: the delegated chargé d'affaires; 5 a damaged diplomatic relationship between Thailand and Saudi Arabia; and the detrimental effects the failing. Saudi Arabia–Thailand relations (Arabic: العلاقات السعودية التايلاندية ) refers to the current and historical relations between Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Saudi.

The number of Thai pilgrims perform their fifth pillar of Islam each year approximately between 9, to 10, Inthe number of Thai Pilgrims performing religious rituals in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah reached 10, Up to date, the number of Thai Muslim 12, have already applied their documents at the Department of Religious Affairs to perform Hajj which will be started at the end of this year.

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Blue Diamond Affair The Blue Diamond Affair [5] was a series of events triggered by the theft of gems belonging to the Saudi royal family by a Thai employee.

Mohammad al-Ruwaili, [6] a Saudi Arabian businessman close to the Saudi royal family traveled to Bangkok to investigate the case, but was abducted and killed. Three months later, three officials from the Saudi Embassy were also shot to death in Bangkok.

thai saudi relationship

The murders remain unsolved to this day. As a result, Saudi Arabia does not issue working visas for Thais and discourages its citizens from visiting the country.

thai saudi relationship

Although a travel ban exists many Saudis violate it and travel constantly to the Kingdom of ThailandElias Siyaman, a tourist company representative, said there is clear growth in the number of Saudis tourists, where they come in fourth place among Gulf tourists. The Thai media has persisted in mixing up the strands of the jewelry theft story with the separate story of the Saudi diplomat murders, which almost certainly were part of a Saudi feud with Hezbollah.

The moves could also help normalize Thai-Saudi relations, but may not be enough. According to the Saudi Charge to Thailand, King Abdullah assured him that he would elevate the Charge to Ambassador -- thereby restoring normal diplomatic ties between the two countries -- provided the Charge could make progress on the businessman murder and jewelry theft cases.

At the moment, there is progress on the former, but not on the latter.

Saudi Arabia–Thailand relations - Wikipedia

Among the jewels was a carat blue diamond, a prized possession of the Saudi royal family. Kriangkrai was ultimately convicted of theft in Thailand inand received a five-year sentence he served almost three, before being released in SBU In the course of the investigation of the theft, sale, and dispersal of the jewelry, the wife and child of Santi Sithanakhan, a jewel trader involved in the case, were kidnapped, held hostage, and ultimately killed in The Bangkok Criminal Court found a group led by Royal Thai Police RTP officers guilty in ; the police allegedly kidnapped the family members in order to pressure Santi to reveal information about what happened to the jewels.

The police gang had demanded a ransom of several million baht but killed the hostages after receiving the ransom payment to cover up BANGKOK SBU During the subsequent prosecution of the kidnappers, two judges, one from the appeals court and one from the supreme court, attempted to extort millions of baht from the ringleader of the kidnapping plot, RTP Lieutenant General Chalo Koetthet.

thai saudi relationship

Both judges were charged with corruption and fired in After the original conviction was appealed, the Appeals Court implemented much stricter sentencing inincluding a death sentence for the ringleader, LTG Chalo. The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence in Octoberas well as sentences of varying degrees of severity for the accomplices.

While some of the defendants have been acquitted, or had the charges dismissed against them as the case worked its way through the judicial system, at least one of the accused has died in prison. Numerous Japanese experts were dispatched to Thailand to help modernize the country, in areas such as law, education and sericulture.

Blue Diamond Affair

The Japanese had won from Phibun a secret verbal promise to support them in an attack on Malaya and Burma. However, the Thai Prime Minister was fickle and he was quite ready to forget this promise if circumstances changed. His government also asked both the British and Americans for guarantees of effective support if Thailand were invaded by Japan.

On 8 Decemberthe Japanese invasion of Thailand started at the same time as they invaded Malaya.

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The Japanese landed about 2, troops near Bangkok, and also made landings at Songkla and Prachuab leading to the Battle of Prachuab Khirikhan. Seni organized the Seri Thai resistance movement, under direction of Pridi in the regency office. Meanwhile, Japan stationedtroops on Thai soil.

thai saudi relationship

As the war dragged on, the Japanese increasingly dealt with Thailand as a conquered territory rather than as an ally. Though the United States had not officially declared war, on 26 DecemberUS Tenth Air Force bombers based in India launched the first major bombing raid [18] that damaged Bangkok and other targets and caused several thousand casualties.

Public opinion and, even more important, the sympathies of the civilian political elite, moved perceptibly against Phibun's alliance with Japan. Japan has become again a key trading partner and foreign investor for Thailand.

Sincethe rapid ramp-up in export of automobiles of Japanese makes esp.