Tonari no atashi ending a relationship

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tonari no atashi ending a relationship

Nov 19, The relationships between them are layered with numerous conflicts. that you come to the end with a begrudging acceptance for each of them. Although it verges on averages on many points, Tonari no Atashi scales. Tonari no Atashi Extra 2 (end) by Shoujo Sense over 5 years ago . She didn't even actively try to sabotage Nina and Kyou's relationship or bully Nina, like. Jun 22, Nina continues that it was Miyake who had made her laugh when she was ''not happy“. (she is probably referring to the time of break up as he.

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Being friends since young, and being separated seemed a bit harsh to her. As for Kyousuke, well, he was taking it pretty well. Walking to school together every single day, wasn't enough for Nina.

Especially when it seems like they always bump into a beautiful young girl, who also goes to Kyousuke's high school, Asou Yuiko. As time passes by, Kyousuke seemed to be hanging out more, and more with his new friends in high school, especially with a special girl.

Nina being Nina, finally decides to admit her feelings for her special neighbor, but is quickly rejected multiple times.

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Soon afterwards, Asou and Kyousuke decide to start a relationship together. Nina, feeling left behind and neglected, tries to move on and accept that it wasn't meant to be. But whatever happened to Nina's classmate, Miyuki?

tonari no atashi ending a relationship

Through the whole year they were apart, everything changed. I feel like it's almost a sort of coming-of-age sort of thing. The idea of being left behind because of an age difference, realizing that not everything will turn out right, but something will come your way.

It seems like reality to me. Yes, when I was in middle school, all my friends left for high school. So this manga really spoke out to me, it seems like I can relate to it completely, like I was living through it. Yes, it does give off that "old manga" vibe, which oddly enough, I enjoy. Despite that I don't like the old manga art style. Instead of that, what I got was a really modern manga art style, similar to what we use today. I absolutely love the character designs!

Do you ever read a book, and imagine how the characters would look like? Well, I personally think the mangaka did an amazing job depicting the characters. Zettai Kareshi and Tonari no Atashi Previously, I've discussed about two mangas that made me giddy whilst reading the first few chapters only to fail me in the end. Today, I'll share my thoughts on two more mangas that, in my opinion, ended in a way it should.

No sudden changing of minds, it'sas if the ending has been plotted ever since the first chapter was drawn. Zettai Kareshi Absolute Boyfriend is about Riiko Izawa the heroinea high schooler who lives alone in an apartment complex and is a hopeless romantic.

For her, the priority is to find a boyfriend.

Tonari no Atashi Chapter 38 Discussion

Next door lives Soshi Asamoto introduced first, but technically he is bishounend 2 and his brother. They are friends with Riiko and oten cares about the girl by bringing her food, or checking up on her.

One day, Riiko encounters an odd salesman named Namikiri who introduces her to a website which enables a person to customize the "ideal boyfriend". Riiko innocently answers the survey and submits her entry for a 3-day free trial. Soon enough, a large box was delivered to her home.

Inside was her "ideal boyfriend" which she will later name as Night Tenjo bishounen 1. Riiko then has to choose between a robot or her childhood friend who has been secretly in love with her for quite some time.

Yuu Watase, the author of the famed manga Fushigi Yuugi Curious Play has a very distinct style when it comes to her art. Right away, I felt the Tamahome feels when I saw the cover. I never really liked science-fiction and robots even though Night is a good looking one.

What kept me reading was my concern for Soshi. He was portrayed as someone dependepable, responsible, and understanding. At first, the manga went into the direction of favoring Soshi, which I found realistic because how can you fall in love with a robot right away?

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It was sensible to somehow involved Night and Riiko in some sort of mishaps before any romance developed. Which is what Yuu Watase-sensei delivered. As the story went on, the "ideal" in Night Tenjo begins to shine and Riiko definitely catches on.

At this point, we don't really know who she will choose. At some point, the direction switches back to the titular bishounen bishounen 1even though he's not really human But I think Yuu Watase-sensei thought about the ending way at sthe same time the first chapter was made because it was beautifully delivered. There was a good development in terms of the characters' personality.

Riiko choosing Night caused me a bit of a headache being that Night is a robot and I think that was a stupid decision by Riiko. But the point is, she finally made a decision.

tonari no atashi ending a relationship

I love how Night developed from being utterly childish to being someone responsible going as far as setting up the ring and the letter for Soshi in the end so that he may eventually end up with Riiko. It's sad that Night ended up dysfunctional but then again people, he is a robot!!