Touma kamijou relationship goals

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touma kamijou relationship goals

Kamijou Touma, the core and origin of the group. Their relationships with each other in the story are normal (sometimes in a comedic way) when it is peaceful. . Kamisato Faction so long as him and Kamisato work towards the same goal. This article pertains to miscellaneous information regarding Kamijou Touma. Touma is referenced several times throughout the short story, as Index's goal is to .. most of the girls who Touma attracts usually have bad relationships with one. This article pertains to the abilities and powers of Kamijou Touma. nature of that power, and if he did, he would have reached his goal before Aleister could.

Here, she is carrying supplies for the Ichihanaransai.

touma kamijou relationship goals

After Touma had the nerve to ask what she is doing at the station where he is left off, Seiri attacks him with one of her bags, reminding him that he is the one who had skipped the preparations for the festival. Seiri later uses the duct tape in her bag to subdue Touma and carry him back to school telling him that they are shorthanded, much to his remonstrations as Touma wants to see Index in their dorm.

However, she ignores him. Here, Tsukuyomi Komoe tells Touma that his absences has reached the point in which homework and supplementary lessons can't cover it.

She asks Touma if there are any problems he is facing that may be the reason for his absences, and later asks why he is so beat up. Although, Touma could only give half-hearted replies.

touma kamijou relationship goals

He is later reunited with Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Aogami Pierce, and predictably get into an argument regarding perverted cultural festival events, necessitating for Seiri to intervene. Seiri then instructs him to buy some food for them, and gives him money for it. With his cart, Touma tries to do what Seiri told him to do, that is, until he notices Ollerus.

He notes to Touma on how it took so long for Touma to sense him, noting that he lost a bet with Fiamma of the Right, and says that he wants to talk about the Imagine Breaker to him, but Touma ignores him much to his surprise, as he still intends to deliver the food that Seiri has tasked him to do.

Here, Ollerus tells Touma on what a Majin is, GREMLIN and Othinus' goals, his and his Imagine Breaker's role in it, as well as his opinion regarding the nature of the Imagine Breaker, that it is the reference point of the original world, that forcibly reverts it back whenever it comes into contact with a distortion of it, an incredible detriment to Othinus. Instead of attacking him with her electric powers, she hits him with her fists, and tells Touma on how she got stood up and abandoned in Hawaii.

Touma asks her if it was right to place a friend in a position where they are likely to bear the full brunt of an attack from the people that were involved in Hawaii. Thor is impressed by Touma learning how to dodge instead of just defending using his right hand.

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Touma has realized that he is not Mikoto due to his action of hitting him with his fist instead of what Mikoto usually does, which is to attack him with electricity. After some swift movements, Touma manages to grab hold of Thor and demand to know who he is. More importantly, Thor discusses with him about the latter's discussion with Ollerus a while back. He tells Touma that he knows that he is afraid of being made to fight according to someone else's wishes such as with Leivinia Birdway during Hawaii or Kihara Kagun in Baggage City.

Thor tells Touma that just because Ollerus opposes them doesn't mean he is wholly good, moreover, he tells Touma that someone who uses violence to resolve a problem should not be completely referred to as good and just, a statement that hits Touma completely. Thor bluntly tells Touma that it is because they are using Academy City to carry out their objectives.

Kamijou Touma/Abilities

Thor tells Touma that he never said that he should trust him, and just tells him not to rely on too much information from just one side. Thor tells Touma that the both of them will fight eventually, and that he would like to fight him with no reservations, but he wants the situation surrounding him to be solved beforehand.

Thor say that both Ollerus and Othinus are fighting over something similar, and says that he happens to know of a way to dumbfound of them, which involves rescue. Touma asks Thor if they can really pull it off, to which he replies that he has an idea and that the only thing that Touma needs to do is to make up his mind.

touma kamijou relationship goals

Thor says that he is not Touma's ally, and that he should have no worries about betrayal, because that is indeed an inevitability. To make it even, he tells Touma that he can abandon him if he doesn't need him anymore. However, Touma falls silent, but Thor continues to press for his answer.

After thinking for a while, Touma says that he cannot possibly trust Thor because he has nothing to substantiate what he said. Thor sighs, and mocks Touma's misgivings. Thor assaults Touma, shoving his head down on the table they were eating on as witnesses gather round their scuffle.

Aleister's Plan

Thor then throws Touma off, slamming into tables. That simple fact should normally be enough for Touma to save her. He tells Touma that he has survived for so long in a world full of experts is because he always acted on his desire to save someone whether succeeded or not, and that if he loses that his fist will only become a tool for his own selfish desires. Index possessesgrimoires memorized in her brain, making her a Magic God candidate and sought after by many magicians.

Misaka Mikoto possesses the Railgun ability, which makes her the Number 3 Level 5 esper in Academy City and the strongest Electromaster. Kanzaki Kaori is a Saintof which there are less than twenty in the world. Tsuchimikado Motoharu is a Magician-Esper hybrid and the only successful one in the world. Himegami Aisa is a Gemstone and possesses the ability "Deep Blood," which attracts and kills vampires.

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Accelerator is the Number 1 and most powerful Level 5 esper in Academy City and he wields at least Angel -class powers when in his " Awakening " state. Kumokawa Seria, advisor of the member of the Academy City Board of Directors Kaizumi Tsugutoshishe has enough skills at manipulating people to match the Level 5 ability Mental Out without a mental esper power.

Acqua of the Back, former Saint and member of the God's Right Seat with the power of the Divine Mother's Mercyis a powerful veteran mercenary and magician. Leivinia Birdway, the leader of the magic cabal Dawn-Colored Sunlightis powerful enough to be compared to a Saint. Fraulein Kreutune, an immortal being who possesses strange powers. Sogiita Gunha is the Number 7 Level 5 esper of Academy City and the strongest Gemstone with an ability that can't be understood.

Despite being miniaturized to 15cm, she still possesses great magical knowledge.