Wing commander iv ending a relationship

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wing commander iv ending a relationship

The Price of Freedom (Wing Commander Book 4) and millions of other books are .. of the game, but according to devotees of the game, not the true ending. ie, Blair persuing a relationship with Sosa (as another reviewer pointed out), the. The Price of Freedom (Wing Commander Book 4) - Kindle edition by William R. of the game, but according to devotees of the game, not the true ending. ie, Blair persuing a relationship with Sosa (as another reviewer pointed out), the book. Content with an indirect relationship to Star Citizen must be a text/self Command & Conquer; Wing Commander IV; Marathon 2: Durandal.

How do I destroy a Skipper missile? I'm having trouble trying to stop the bio-missiles. On a certain nebula mission, the Victory gets destroyed as it heads for an alternate jump point. How can I defeat Flash? I just lost the duel against Flash. Will he ever return to the Victory? Other mission-specific tips 7.

Flint just made quite a rash decision. What should I do? How do I prevent the Behemoth from getting destroyed? Thrakhath just sent me a comm message. How should I respon d? The Victory is under attack, and I can't seem to control my craft. I'm having trouble passing the planet rescue mission. How can I succeed in defending Earth?

The traitor just got away. The final missions 7.

wing commander iv ending a relationship

How do I keep my wingmen from getting killed off during the last missions? On the final leg, how do I kill all of the Sorthaks at the last nav point? I've passed the Sorthak fighters; how do I finish the last part of this mission? What if these suggestions don't work? How do the events in the Wing Commander novels fit into the storyline? The opening sequence 8. Why is the main character now called Christopher Blair?

If space is a vacuum, why can I still hear the sounds of combat? OK, then why does my craft's speed decrease after using the afterburners? What are the units of measurement for distance and velocity?

wing commander iv ending a relationship

If the Kilrathi have cloaked cruise missiles, why don't the y just make cloaked "kamikaze" fighters with torpedoes strapp ed to their hull? How about jump-capable Skipper missiles?

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Why is you know who the traitor? What exactly was in the missing scene? Are there any other explanations? Should I pick romance with Flint or Rachel?

The final mission 8. Why wasn't I swarmed by Kilrathi fighters on the last leg o f the mission? Why wasn't Blair killed by the Kilrathi when they had the chance? Besides the scene described in section 8. What does the mission tree for the game look like?

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Other miscellaneous questions The hidden credits The blooper scene Is there a hidden code to view the cinematics separately? What's this I hear about a "Premiere Edition"? What does it contain? Is the Premiere Edition multi-lingual?

How are copies of the Premiere Edition sold in Europe different from those sold in the U. When I got my Premiere Edition, the front of the film canister was blank.

I have a copy of the "Special Edition" of WC3. Is this the same thing as the Premiere Edition? Will there be a Premiere Edition for the 3DO version? How does the 3DO version differ from the PC version? How much has Origin made from WC3 sales to date? Who was involved with the cinematic side of the project?

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Who was involved with the gameplay side of the project? The Ultimate Strategy Guide Will any of the other items from the Premiere Edition be sold separately? Will there be any add-on discs as there were for previous Wing Commander games? What other Wing Commander products are scheduled to be released in the future?

Wing Commander Armada 2? Wing Commander novels Where to find out more It took a lot of work, a lot of research, and the efforts of a dozen people to finally put together. Since those first few revisions, though, time has plodded on, and other commitments now prevent me from keeping up with the project.

wing commander iv ending a relationship

I hadn't met him before he contacted me about working on the WC3 FAQ, but he appears to be doing a fine job with it. It's kind of nice to know that other people find the FAQ valuable enough that they're willing to devote their own time to keeping it up-to-date now that I can't manage it myself.

I guess I feel that I've created a small legacy of sorts. At any rate, I just wanted to say thanks to all of those who have read the FAQ before, and especially to those who have taken the time to write line and tell me what they think. Hundreds of e-mails have found their way to my mailbox from every corner of the world. It's nice to know that not only was our work was appreciated, but that it truly had a global audience. I have faith that Cory will make sure the FAQ continues to grow and provide a valuable service to the gaming community.

I'm not much for intro's, so I'll make it short. Lemme tell you a bit about my past gaming experiences I've been playing Origin games since Ultima 1. I've written 1 sci-fi novel loosely based on Aruther C. Clark's Rendevous with Rama. My writing is alot more casual and laid-back than James'. I try to keep it entertaining, while informative. Well, thats all I've really got to say about myself, see you in the next revision Heart of the Tiger.

Originally written before the game's release as a means of keeping the gaming community informed of what Wing Commander III would be like and how its development was proceeding, the FAQ has now expanded to include known solutions to technical problems, often-used strategies and mission tips, and more!

And with the inpending release of Wing Commander IV: Please be sure to read the Disclaimer section 1. You are granted the following rights: To make copies of this work in original form, so long as o The copies are exact and complete o The copies include the copyright notice and these paragraphs in their entirety; o The copies give obvious credit to the authors Now, that wasn't that bad, was it?

All information in this FAQ has, unless otherwise specified, been verified by a reliable source e. Everything you read here could be a complete lie. Special Operations 1 or 2 WCA: Wing Commander Academy Armada: Wing Commander Armada I know, it's not an acronym; so sue me 1. Section 2 is for those who are new to the WC series, or who missed part of it somewhere along the line.

It includes a very brief summary of each WC product to date. Sections 3 and 4 are aimed towards prospective buyers; it answers questions about the system requirements for the game, what features it has, what makes it special, etc. Section 5, which covers the cinematics, should have something of interest to most everyone If you're seriously considering buying the game, you may want to check this out Section 7 will help you get through some of the tough spots in the game; if you're stuck on a particular mission, or can't figure out how to defeat a certain enemy Section 8 addresses storyline issues that WC3 players often wonder about after they finish the game: Section 9 is dedicated to WC4.

This section is chock-full of compiled information from all these sources. Once Wing Commander IV is officially released, this section will be entirely rewritten. Section 10 takes whatever is left over Those who do not want to know what happens in the story should exercise due caution when reading these parts. Send e-mail to netslave midnight. Sherlock's Haven BBS -- If you'd like to be put on this list, just send a message to netslave midnight.

Besides, even if you are a veteran of the Wing Commander universe, a short refresher course can never hurt It does not attempt to model real-world physics with a completely accurate simulation of space flight, but instead concentrates on providing a fun, intense, first-person space dogfighting experience. Several things distinguished it from other games upon its initial release: The storyline, of which a short segment unraveled after each mission the player flew, had many plot devices that, although simple, had rarely before been used in a computer game of its type: To date, the series has sold a total of over 1.

His experience in the gaming industry goes back to his teenage years It started out as a simple hobby, and then grew to be an actual source of income as he published several hits for the BBC personal computer in England, including Wizadore and Stryker's Run. His big break occurred when he was in Austin, Texas, working on his latest gameUltra Realm which later became Times of Lore. He wanted to find an artist to do the artwork for his game, and ran across Denis Loubet, who was then doing freelance artwork for Richard Garriot's Ultima VI.

Before long, Loubet showed Times of Lore to some of the higher-ups at Origin, with whom Roberts eventually signed an agreement to distribute the game. During the next couple of years, he began to toy around with a first-person space combat game on his own time using techniques that were fairly new to the gaming industry.

After a couple of months, he had a basic working model to show to the guys at Origin, at which point it officially became a sanctioned company project. The result was Wing Commander, and the rest is history. In this first installment of the WC saga, the player takes the role of a young Lieutenant who has just been assigned to the carrier ship Tiger's Claw, the pride of the Confederate Navy. The main plot of WC1 is the Confederation's campaign to take Vega Sector from the Kilrathi, which eventually succeeds.

WC1 had two add-on disks -- Secret Missions 1 and 2. SM1 focused on a new Kilrathi secret weapon, and the Claw's attempts to hunt down and destroy it. SM2 told the story of how the Confederation made an alliance with the avian Firekkan species, and also introduced two new characters: Super Wing Commander A revamped version of WC1 has been released for the 3DO and Macintosh platforms, incorporating completely redone hi-resolution graphics, full speech during all the cinematic sequences, and more.

Your claims about the stealth fighters go unbelieved, your career is ruined, and you are assigned to a space station in the backwaters of the known galaxy. Ten years later, through a strange series of events, you end up on the flagship of the Confederate fleet imagine thatthe Concordia, where you meet up with some of your old pals who survived the destruction of the Claw -- Angel, Spirit, Paladin, Doomsday, and Jazz.

Eventually, you defeat the heir to the Kilrathi throne in a one-on-one dogfight though he ejects to survive to fight again another daydestroy the Kilrathi headquarters in the sector, and find evidence that the stealth fighters exist, proving your innocence and restoring your career. WC2 also had two expansion disks -- Special Operations 1 and 2.

wing commander iv ending a relationship

SO1 introduced the character of Bear, the protagonist in the second and third Wing Commander novels. Soon after, Paulsen calls Blair and Chang in for a surprise mission briefing: Eisen has defected to the Border Worlds and is fleeing in a shuttle, with Maniac piloting. Once in space, Vagabond announces that he is going to follow Eisen over. If Blair does not defect, he returns to the Lexington to meet a new cadre of pilots brought in by Paulsen.

Blair flies with them for several missions before being confronted with a Border Worlds attack, led by Maniac, who gives Blair another chance to come over. Much of the senior staff has been killed, including Eisen's contact and old friend Captain Dominguez.

Eisen confides that he's been in touch with connections back on Earth, and it seems that the nascent Confed-Border Worlds war is being instigated by elements within Confed. He defected so that he could hunt for proof of this. Blair and Maniac succeed in downing the Lexington, though Paulsen escapes in a shuttle with Seether.

Seether kills Paulsen for his failure. Pliers comes up with a jerry-rigged cloaking device and a "Manned Insertion Pod"—a coffin-sized torpedo that can be used to land ground troops. Blair takes them in against a communications station in the Orestes System, where Sosa and Vagabond collect valuable data on the conspiracy.

Vagabond is killed in the gunfight. Blair picks up a distress signal from the Kilrathi Melek and rescues the convoy. Melek brings flight recorder data of the sleek black ships using their incineration weapon against a Kilrathi transport.

One of the ships pulls a move that Blair saw in the attack on the space port, using the ship's afterburners to supercharge and detonate an explosive mine which pushes the ship away at a faster rate. Hawk tells them that when he signed on with Confed, there was a rookie pilot on his ship, call sign 'Seether', who could pull off the maneuver. He also informs them that there was some talk of a 'G. Eisen leaves the Intrepid, intent on returning to Earth and delivering the information to friends in high places; he leaves Blair as acting captain reporting to Border Worlds Rear Admiral Eugene Wilford.

Finally, the Intrepid catches wind of a secret Confed freighter sneaking through the area. Blair subdues it so that Dekker and his boys can capture it. Pliers, clambering aboard in the aftermath, discovers a squadron of sleek black fighters and a single example of their incendiary weapon, called "Dragons" and "Flash-Paks" respectively.

The Telamon system is under biological attack.

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The vast majority of the colony, particularly Planet FT, has died. Few survive the attacks, hale and untouched, evidently due to an innate immunity. The survivors at the colony recount that visiting Dragons dropped canisters containing a biological weapon. Blair traces the attacking Dragons to the Axius System, which he infiltrates.

There he discovers a secret starbase, guarded by the TCS Vesuvius, and manned by thousands of black-clad soldiers, including Seether, collectively known as the Black Lance. Blair learns that their leader is Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn, who is instigating a war between the Border Worlds and Confed, with the goal being constant war-driven evolution of tactics and technology, to prepare the Confederation to meet the next hostile alien race.

The Gen-Select Bioweapon, recently tested at Telamon, is the next obvious step in the plan: Blair is spied by Seether and forced to fight his way out. Helens, sister ship to the Vesuvius, and its new captain, Eisen, the Intrepid is unsuccessful in stopping Tolwyn. Blair duels Seether one-on-one above Earth and then lands at the Congressional Building.